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Thursday, April 23, 2015

JogBra...who knew?!

Today, one of our Board members came to speak at our facility.  At first, I thought “ho hum”, until I received the invitation that included some detail on who exactly Hinda Miller is…

Business?  Meh.  JogBra?  Now THAT sounds interesting!  She even brought a prop to demonstrate where the idea for JogBra came from.  She had me at ‘jock strap’! 

Hinda is a very interesting woman who seems to have seen and done it all.  She nicely wove the story of her personal and professional life into her presentation to us and then punctuated it with a connection to our company’s mission and values.  I’ve included this link in case you’d like to read more about, but here’s what I got out of the presentation:

  • Embrace YOU; be genuine; be true to yourself
  • Anyone can be an entrepreneur – having family and friends to support “crazy” ideas (and money never hurts) is essential
  • Have your list of traits that your partner in life must have – go after it.  You’ll need him/her and vice versa
  • Women are strong and belong
  • Smile, laugh, stretch

That last bullet?  We did a lot of that at her presentation!  

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Thanks for asking!

I was fortunate enough to run Boston three years in a row:  2010, 2011, and the heat-fest of 2012.  But I haven’t run it since then.  Without fail, friends and coworkers start asking me a couple weeks before marathon day if I’m running the marathon.  Since my answer of late has been, “not this year, I’m running a different marathon”, I consistently receive the next question, “Oh, how many miles is THAT one?”.   

I could roll my eyes and I could act all important (don’t you know who I am?!?), but frankly, I’m just glad they ask!

I love when people ask about running.  Even if running is something they’ll never contemplate, I love that they’re interested enough to ask.  I remember being in such awe of runners and, as Boston Marathon time would approach each year, having such a desire to be THAT runner who could run such a phenomenal race.  Decades later, I am that runner who has run Boston, many other marathons, and even ultras.  Never thought that could be me.  Never say never.

So as I enjoy all of the pre-Boston Marathon news coverage and let myself feed off of all the social media excitement by those running Boston this year, I’m thankful to be part of this community of runners and also thankful for the non-runners interested enough to ask about the sport we love.

Soak it all in runners…..enjoy Boston 2015!