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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cancelled Race = a new PR, of course!

This post is not my way of ranting about a cancelled race.  Quite the contrary.  I’ve heard and read some really nasty comments regarding the cancellation of this race and the threat to other races due to impending snow/wind/rain/sleet/locusts….

OK, no locusts.  But lots of that other stuff.

Yes, it sucks when the race you paid for and have been training for is cancelled.  I for one was using this half marathon as a training run to help me through the New England winter.  Even though the forecasts have changed a few times since the race was officially cancelled, I commend them for cancelling sooner than later.   Many will disagree and many will agree, but here’s how I decided to deal with this change in my plans.

  • Because I had time to prepare, I was able to run my 13+ miles today – ahead of the storm. 
  • After my long run, I grabbed Meaghan, who WILL be running her race tomorrow, and we drove up to the beach to pick up Scott and my T-Shirt and goodies.
  • The race crew put on a “winter adventure party” to share all of the food, goodies, t-shirts, GU, and other “expo-ish” stuff.
  • At this winter adventure party, they held the “world’s shortest half marathon” – a 13.1 meter course (equipped with Start and Finish banners and even a time clock!) set up inside the hotel ballroom.
  • At the end of my “world’s shortest half marathon”, I received my Finisher’s Medal!
  • Since neither of us are big beer drinkers (and Meaghan had to think about her race the next day), we took off and visited a nearby running store to pick up race day fuel for her.
  • Lastly, we grabbed a delicious lunch at one of my favorite places and just had some great girl time.
So bummed I didn’t snap a picture of the “world’s shortest half marathon” set up, but ending on a good note, I left with a medal and a 13.1 meter PR!

Race t-shirts and my favorite Gatorade & Gel flavors!
Add in a few Lindt chocolates for good measure :)

Hope your weekend plans/races/etc aren't too impacted by weather!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

They can’t all be great

I started psyching myself up last night for today’s14 miler.  With another notsogreat week filled with bad running (almost non-existent), bad eating/drinking, and a bad attitude, I knew I was going to need every drop of motivation to get me out the door and to finish what I’d start.

Spoiler Alert: I did it J

It was so much harder than it should’ve been and I had way too many moments during my run where I just didn’t want to continue.  But it wasn’t all bad, so I’m choosing to focus on the positive:
  • I DID IT.  I ran 14.5 miles at just under a 9 minute pace
  • I ran pain-free, minus the foot pain I’ve been experiencing (see more on that later)
  • My run began with a beautifully picturesque, snowy morning
  • I was dressed perfectly for the weather
  • The roads were clear down to the pavement (what a difference from last week’s long run!)
  • Drivers were very courteous today (versus the other day when I tried to run at work)
  • I carried my phone, so was able to take some pictures along the way…..
Some pretty scenery during my run, with the sun trying to peek out at the end
On a side note, I’ve self-diagnosed my foot pain as sesamoiditis.  For the non-anatomy/physiology nerds, here’s the gist:

So after my cool down with Bella –

Clearly biased, but I think she's the prettiest dog ever!

I “treated” myself to a foot icing, courtesy of last week's storm Nemo.  Why buy or make ice when I can just recycle some (non-yellow) snow?

Don’t worry, this pan has been's seen its last pot roast!
My reward, now that I conquered that long run and the foot icing –

Now THIS is the kind of icing I like!

Moral of the story: they can’t all be great, but if you look hard enough, you can find some good in them all!

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Sadly, the news of my neighbor’s disappearance is not good.  His body was discovered this morning at approximately 10:30 a.m. near the pond where we often hike.  I happened to be working from home today, so was keenly aware of the circling helicopters overhead.  While walking Bella early this morning, we bumped into the K-9 unit dispatched to continue the search for him.  After witnessing excessive street traffic (cruisers, EMT rescue, etc), it felt like today might be the day.

And it was.

I’m relieved that they found Bo.  I’m sad that they found Bo.  I had no relationship with him or his family, but does that really matter?  I’m touched by the loss of a man I didn’t know.  The loss touches me because I’m human, because he lived four houses away from me, because he was my mother’s age, because he had a family, because he died alone, because he might’ve been afraid or in pain, and…just because. 

Because it could've been someone I love.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


One of our neighbors is missing.  I saw it flash on my Facebook newsfeed and, although I don’t know him, my heart dropped.  He’s 65 years old, recently injured in a car accident, and worst of all, disappeared on Thursday – just before the blizzard that dumped 2+ feet of snow in our area. 
Missing:  Bo Hedberg.  Please call 978.352.5700

Scott had donned his snowshoes for a walk with Bella in the woods yesterday and, upon his return, witnessed a number of police cars, trucks toting snowmobiles, and lots of officials setting up post.  They were all preparing to search the miles and miles of woods that make up our corner of the town.  Not realizing yet why, Scott asked the officer what was going on and received confirmation that they were indeed searching for the missing man.  

Way too close for comfort :(

Since yesterday, Scott’s gone out there a number of times to help look.  Although he likely would’ve gone out there at least once per day to give Bella a good run, he normally wouldn’t go out multiple times in a given day.  He bumped into at least twenty others also searching the normally quiet woods and helped two others as they got turned around during their search.  He admitted that, although he obviously hopes he or someone finds the man, every time Bella stops and sniffs an extra minute, it gives him a creepy feeling….

We don’t know yet what’s happened, but five days after he left his home, 2+ feet of snow, cold temperatures, and residual injuries from the reported car accident, it doesn’t seem like this will end on a good note.  How sad.

I just hope they find him soon – hopefully alive and well and with some crazy explanation of his disappearance – but I hope they find him period.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Good Race Karma

Portland Marathon ROCKS!  I have yet to actually participate in the race (got another 8 months to go), but already, I’m super impressed.

Remember that little mis-communication I wrote about recently?  The one where both my mother and I registered me for the 2013 race?  Well, I wrote an email to the Race Director, attached as much information possible, and pleaded our case.  After only one day, I got this response:

Way to go Portland Marathon….I call that good race karma!! 

(though the idea of running 26.2 twice does bring a little twinkle to my eye..)