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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ability to be grateful at all times

Grateful that I got through 14 miles of this last weekend without slipping and sliding –

Grateful for this gem that made me smile in the midst of the snow and rain on that run –

Grateful for a friend who asks, “Wanna run 17-18 with me at the beach” and runs 20 with me instead -

Grateful for cool scenes on a 20 mile run (more snow falling; snow where there should be sand) –

Grateful for an opportunity to stretch out my hamstrings post-20 miler (no choice here….beach house still plowed in) –

I won’t pretend to have enjoyed all aspects of this winter’s training, but as long as I stay open to the good things that are happening around me, I am grateful.

I’m even more grateful that it is officially Spring.  Now, go away snow.  My gratitude for you is on thin ice.  No pun intended.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Take THAT Mother Nature

The weather just didn’t look good heading into this weekend.  No two ways about it – I’d be running in the rain and/or snow OR running on the treadmill.  I chose the rain.

I could’ve gotten cranky about it, but instead I decided to take the chill approach.  I had errands to run, so I did that first.  I picked up my new glasses, grabbed a few things at the store, and headed back home.  By 9:30, I was heading out the door to run.  A slight drizzle greeted me, which was better than what was forecast.  And in my mind, heading out into drizzle is much better than heading out into steady rain.

The steady rain joined me at about mile 5 and stuck with me for the remaining miles.  But I felt pretty good.  I was already wet and I was moving – so I didn’t feel all that cold.  Until mile 10.  Got some good wind in the face that delivered the steady raindrops like missiles into my face.  No Bueno.  But even that passed pretty quickly.  I was also pleasantly surprised at how courteous the drivers were this morning.  Just about all of them slowed and/or swerved away from me to give me room to continue running.  Even the driver who splashed me in my final mile had tried to avoid me and the puddles.  A for effort anyway!

I didn’t really know what to expect today.  I headed out with a plan of my 8 hilly miler and figured that, if I felt good after that, I’d keep going.  I felt good, so I kept going.  I brought a GU and took it at mile 6.  I got wet and I got cold, but overall, I had a very decent 14 miler.  Now, off to thaw out in front of the pellet stove and have about 5 of these….

Anyone else brave the elements today?

Friday, March 13, 2015

C’mon Spring…and Running Mojo!

I know I’m not the only person craving temperatures above 40 degrees.  Or willing the still very high snowbanks away.  Or keeping my fingers crossed that the aforementioned snowbanks don’t melt too quickly and end up in the form of water in my basement.  Or wishing my running mojo would return as quickly or quicker than Spring itself.

Ever since the magic of GhostTrain, I’ve slowly settled into a running funk.  I ran Wolf Hollow ½ marathon (trail) a month after my 100 miler and felt fantastic!  I was still riding so high and was thrilled having nailed 13.1 miles with some decent speed after so many months of training to be slower for Ghost Train.  So of course, I registered for more races!  I set my sights on Boston Prep (aka Derry 16 miler) in January, a 6 hour trail race in March, a ½ and full marathon weekend Challenge in May, and finally, a 50 miler in late May.  Reality?  Burn out.  Big time.

I quickly found myself falling behind in my training for Derry.  Because it is known for its “16 moderately challenging hills”, I focused on hills.  I got out there and ran the miles.  But I was losing steam fast.  Luckily, Sue was on the fence about running the same race, so with a little more coaxing from me, I had a partner for race day!  We ran a solid race and were happy at the end.  Yay us.

As soon as I registered for TARC Spring Thaw in March, I realized I had a more important commitment that same day – our niece’s bridal shower.  Wouldn’t miss it!  Fortunately for me, my disappointment in missing this race has been tempered by the fact that the trails are still snowy and not very conducive to running.  It’s OK, my money isn’t wasted and is going to a good cause.

So I now focus on Maine Coast Challenge in May.  I’m registered for the ½ on Saturday and the full on Sunday.  I get a fancy jacket with 3 finisher medals when I finish the Challenge.  This race weekend was strategically planned to help prepare me for Pineland Farms 50 Miler a couple weeks later.  Based on the way my training has been going (or not going), I decided last week to change my race to the 50K distance instead.  Immediate relief. 

I’m sure I’ve whined  talked enough about my commute, the weather, and general winter blues, so I’ll try not to bore you.  The fact remains, there are times when the universe seems to conspire against us and training just doesn’t materialize as planned.  Winter blues, almost-record-setting snow, life commitments, long commutes, business travel….they add up.  As the snow melts and Spring starts to peek its head out of the remaining snowbanks and bottomless pot holes, I’m feeling a glimmer of hope that warmer weather is indeed coming and my running mojo just might return with it.

Now if I could only run to work…