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Monday, April 2, 2018

The Gifts of Relationships

Last week, I left my job for a new opportunity in a new state.  I’ve been here for almost two years; learned lots and met some great people.  I’ve done this several times during my lifetime and find that leaving the job is the easy part. 

This change also means I’m leaving my running club/family that I’ve grown so close to over the last two years.  This is something I have never done (since this is the first time I have joined a running club), but leaving it (physically) is difficult.  Talk about relationships…running relationships are special.

Leaving relationships behind is so hard.

The last two weeks have included lots of work transition, home purging/packing, going away lunches, going away runs, and lots and lots of gifts!  My "spirited" team surprised me with balloons, cupcakes, a pineapple plant, and a collage of pictures, reflecting all of their "seasons".  Topping that off was a hilarious, yet touching, poem.

My morning commute has sent me straight into Mt. Monadnock's path every morning.  I have stowed away many sunrises, sunsets, and snow peaks into my memories.  

My friends know me well, presenting me with a perfect reminder of this gentle giant, "Mt. Monadnock 3165 Ft".  I can't wait to hang this sign in my new home (no mountains where I'm going!).

Great memory of an evening Super Moon hike up Mt. Monadnock with running friends who became much more than running friends.

Our Scores Running Club family sent us on our adventure with a pair of beach towels that we can't wait to show off on the beach.  

And just before our club run Tuesday night, this beauty: 

Gifts may come in the form of luncheons, cards, plants, and goodies, but the greatest gift of all is the relationships we build and foster and take with us along our journeys.  I'm humbled by the gifts of these relationships.  I will carry them all with me.  Always.