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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: Conquered Doubt

Setting goals is a normal part of starting a new year.  But reflecting on the past year can provide learnings and motivation to do bigger or better things.  Most importantly, reflecting provides the opportunity to celebrate doubts conquered and goals achieved.  In that spirit, Scott compiled some earlier video clips from 2014 into this one to celebrate three major goals met this year:  

Meaghan at her first Ironman (Lake Placid)
Carrie at her first 50 miler (VT50)
Me at my first 100 miler (Ghost Train)

I was honored to witness greatness in my friends’ accomplishments, thankful to celebrate my own accomplishment, and grateful to have such a thoughtful and creative Scott to capture the memories so eloquently.  Hope you enjoy!


Saturday, December 27, 2014

Increased laundry – bring it!

Yes, that’s what I said.  Because ‘increased laundry’ means that Scott is running again!  Albeit slow and very low mileage, he’s been able to run outside (on trails) as well as on the treadmill at home and at physical therapy.  Progress!!!

Scott's also been experimenting with his new GoPro, so here's his first run on Christmas morning -

It all went very bad in late September.  That Saturday morning, we were heading up to Vermont so Scott could kill the VT50 race he had been training so hard and so well for.  But it would not be.  Just before our road trip, he went out on a shakeout run and severely sprained his ankle. 

Not realizing how badly it was sprained or that other tendons and ligaments might be involved, Scott continued to use his ankle.  He couldn’t run, but he could walk.  So he did.  As the weeks passed with no improvement to his pain or swelling, he relented and consulted an Orthopedic/Sports Medicine specialist.  Enter….the boot.

This has been Scott’s first major injury since….forever.  But it’s been tough.  It’s hard to sit out two major races (VT50 of course, but he was also planning to run StoneCat50), especially when he was so well trained.  He was also such a trooper playing the role of Crew Chief for my Ghost Train 100 miler, even though his plan to run me in was thwarted by the ankle injury.

So bring on the additional shorts, shirts, socks, hats, mittens….bring it on!  I’ve missed my running partner in crime and have felt his disappointment with and for him over the last three months.  Healing is never fast enough, but it appears he’s heading in the right direction!  Time to buy some more Tide to keep up with it all!

Friday, December 26, 2014

2014 in pictures

Sooo colddddd
20 miler in a snowstorm!
First ever blogger meet up/run with Michelle
Poor mom fell at work
Pineland Farms 50K with Carrie
Key West birthday & anniversary celebration!
Gorgeous shot off of Southernmost Point, Key West FL
Meaghan killed Ironman Lake Placid!
TARC Summer Classic 50K with new friend Heather
Poor Bella injured her paw
Poor Scott injured his ankle
Mom's Retirement Dinner
Ghost Train 100 Mile Finish!!
My amazing Ghost Train Crew - best friends ever!
Wolf Hollow 1/2 Marathon Trail Race

Christmas Spirit with Mom!

2014 was a great year.  Excited to see what 2015 has in store....

Do you have any big 2015 plans?

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Spirit

It’s no secret that, over the years, I’ve become less spirited and more Grinch like.  I do try to find the Christmas spirit, but when you’re not religious and you’re not a parent, some of the glitter of the holidays seems a bit dulled.

I abhor malls and prefer to do any shopping online.  Mostly, I love to give gifts that are handmade or are a result of sharing my time.  Sharing myself.  A couple weeks ago, Mom and I had plans to see The Nutcracker in Boston.  Mom got the tickets and we were excited to not only see the show, but to also spend the afternoon together.  The day before the show, Mom picked up a major plague that left her unable to function, let alone go into town for a show.  She found someone who could use the tickets and went back to bed.  I went out with Scott and bought furniture.  But I digress….

Fortunately, Mom and I also had another plan to spend some quality Christmas time together.  This past Saturday, we got together at my house and spent a solid seven hours baking and decorating cookies.  We enjoyed egg nog and Christmas music, we watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” and Chevy Chase “Christmas Vacation”, we poured Bailey’s…..

By the evening, we had created approximately 350 cookies, covered any and all topics of conversation, took fun pictures, and just enjoyed being together. 

Today, Mom baked her famous whoopie pies and delivered a gift box filled with the yummy treat to my house especially for our nephew Matthew.  She won’t see Matthew this Christmas, but knows how much he enjoys them.  Later this evening, she made a second trip by my house to deliver the awesome dinosaur she found to top the gift.  Matthew really digs his whoopie pies and dinosaurs!

This Christmas season has had its ups and downs, its chaos (especially since my new office is located directly across the street from a major mall), and some moments of Grinch-itis, but thanks to Mom, I’m officially in the Christmas spirit now.  With Christmas Eve tomorrow, I certainly cut it close.  But I say, better late than never!

Merry Christmas Friends!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Literally….getting it done on the run!

This morning, I had a brilliant idea.  I decided to don my ultra vest (stuffed with debit card) for my run and head to my local CVS.  What’s better than getting your run in AND accomplishing an important Christmas errand at the same time!

I took the longest route possible to get to the store while watching the pretty light snowflakes falling around me.  With temperatures at 28 degrees, I hid snugly behind my face mask and enjoyed the trip.  It felt like no time at all had passed as I arrived at CVS.  I found my cookie bags I needed (Mom and I baked over 300 cookies yesterday), paid for them, and then stuffed them in my ultra vest.  The only downside to my brilliant plan was the cool down I experienced while in the store.  Brrr...

My run back home also felt like it was over in no time!  I hadn’t run all week, so was happy to keep the pace comfortable (ended up with a 9:08 average pace over 8.1 miles).  The feeling of accomplishing something while completing my run was fantastic!  During the holidays or any chaotic time, it’s such a gift when you feel like you’ve accomplished something – more so when you feel like you did it in a creative, efficient way.

Now if only I could run to and from work…..