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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Spirit

It’s no secret that, over the years, I’ve become less spirited and more Grinch like.  I do try to find the Christmas spirit, but when you’re not religious and you’re not a parent, some of the glitter of the holidays seems a bit dulled.

I abhor malls and prefer to do any shopping online.  Mostly, I love to give gifts that are handmade or are a result of sharing my time.  Sharing myself.  A couple weeks ago, Mom and I had plans to see The Nutcracker in Boston.  Mom got the tickets and we were excited to not only see the show, but to also spend the afternoon together.  The day before the show, Mom picked up a major plague that left her unable to function, let alone go into town for a show.  She found someone who could use the tickets and went back to bed.  I went out with Scott and bought furniture.  But I digress….

Fortunately, Mom and I also had another plan to spend some quality Christmas time together.  This past Saturday, we got together at my house and spent a solid seven hours baking and decorating cookies.  We enjoyed egg nog and Christmas music, we watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” and Chevy Chase “Christmas Vacation”, we poured Bailey’s…..

By the evening, we had created approximately 350 cookies, covered any and all topics of conversation, took fun pictures, and just enjoyed being together. 

Today, Mom baked her famous whoopie pies and delivered a gift box filled with the yummy treat to my house especially for our nephew Matthew.  She won’t see Matthew this Christmas, but knows how much he enjoys them.  Later this evening, she made a second trip by my house to deliver the awesome dinosaur she found to top the gift.  Matthew really digs his whoopie pies and dinosaurs!

This Christmas season has had its ups and downs, its chaos (especially since my new office is located directly across the street from a major mall), and some moments of Grinch-itis, but thanks to Mom, I’m officially in the Christmas spirit now.  With Christmas Eve tomorrow, I certainly cut it close.  But I say, better late than never!

Merry Christmas Friends!


  1. I think this past Saturday was, by far, our BEST cookie day EVER!!!! Do you think it was the Bailey's?

    1. Perhaps, but most of the credit goes to us! xo!

  2. I know the feeling. Xmas is not my favorite. But it is almost over! yay! then back to normal life. :) :) Hope you have a great holiday!

  3. I hope that you had a great Christmas, Lisa!!!
    Love the picture of you and your mom enjoying your Baileys!!!

    1. We did...hope you had a great Christmas too! We had more fun posing than actually drinking :)