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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Increased laundry – bring it!

Yes, that’s what I said.  Because ‘increased laundry’ means that Scott is running again!  Albeit slow and very low mileage, he’s been able to run outside (on trails) as well as on the treadmill at home and at physical therapy.  Progress!!!

Scott's also been experimenting with his new GoPro, so here's his first run on Christmas morning -

It all went very bad in late September.  That Saturday morning, we were heading up to Vermont so Scott could kill the VT50 race he had been training so hard and so well for.  But it would not be.  Just before our road trip, he went out on a shakeout run and severely sprained his ankle. 

Not realizing how badly it was sprained or that other tendons and ligaments might be involved, Scott continued to use his ankle.  He couldn’t run, but he could walk.  So he did.  As the weeks passed with no improvement to his pain or swelling, he relented and consulted an Orthopedic/Sports Medicine specialist.  Enter….the boot.

This has been Scott’s first major injury since….forever.  But it’s been tough.  It’s hard to sit out two major races (VT50 of course, but he was also planning to run StoneCat50), especially when he was so well trained.  He was also such a trooper playing the role of Crew Chief for my Ghost Train 100 miler, even though his plan to run me in was thwarted by the ankle injury.

So bring on the additional shorts, shirts, socks, hats, mittens….bring it on!  I’ve missed my running partner in crime and have felt his disappointment with and for him over the last three months.  Healing is never fast enough, but it appears he’s heading in the right direction!  Time to buy some more Tide to keep up with it all!