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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Literally….getting it done on the run!

This morning, I had a brilliant idea.  I decided to don my ultra vest (stuffed with debit card) for my run and head to my local CVS.  What’s better than getting your run in AND accomplishing an important Christmas errand at the same time!

I took the longest route possible to get to the store while watching the pretty light snowflakes falling around me.  With temperatures at 28 degrees, I hid snugly behind my face mask and enjoyed the trip.  It felt like no time at all had passed as I arrived at CVS.  I found my cookie bags I needed (Mom and I baked over 300 cookies yesterday), paid for them, and then stuffed them in my ultra vest.  The only downside to my brilliant plan was the cool down I experienced while in the store.  Brrr...

My run back home also felt like it was over in no time!  I hadn’t run all week, so was happy to keep the pace comfortable (ended up with a 9:08 average pace over 8.1 miles).  The feeling of accomplishing something while completing my run was fantastic!  During the holidays or any chaotic time, it’s such a gift when you feel like you’ve accomplished something – more so when you feel like you did it in a creative, efficient way.

Now if only I could run to and from work…..


  1. That's great and it sounds like something I tried to do this week when I took my car in for a check-up. Only problem was that when I pulled into the car place, I realized that I needed to go to a different car place. So instead of dropping my car off and running home, I had to call for a ride home!

  2. I wish I could run places in town - if I need anything with me then most places are too far. Great job on that run!!!

  3. Must feel good to be back in the groove!