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Saturday, March 24, 2012

What’s better than the taper?

One thing:  confirmation that you’ve applied Body Glide in all of the right places.  Phew! 

What's more 80's than this?
22 miles – check!  Far less drama than last week – check!  Beginning of the taper – check!  Today’s run went well.  I had a much better week going into today’s run, I have my new shoes which feel great, and I picked up a running partner during my first 10 mile loop.  The weather was great this morning and just the type of day I dream of for April 16.  Shorts, long sleeve shirt, and shell mittens (hey, I’m always cold).  This past week of 80 degree temperatures was spent running in shorts, sleeveless/tank, and sweating like a pig.  The 80’s might’ve been awesome for music and big hair, but notsomuch when it refers to 80 degree temperatures for running!

I have some people to thank for contributing to my successful long run:  to Scott for taking care of the morning routine so I could get out early (and he had to go to work too!); to Meaghan for an encouraging text just when I needed it; to Martyn for making that first 10 mile loop much more enjoyable; to the cross country team I bumped into around mile 14 that made me smile and think back to that younger time; to the VP I work with who sprung for our lunch yesterday (nothing better than Bertucci’s chicken piccata lunch….and those rolls, those rolls!); to the coworker I ran with at lunch earlier in the week who reminded me my legs can go faster (I think I had some built up slowness that needed to be released).

Most of all, thank you Body Glide for doing your job.  My neighbors thank you too.  The in-the-shower-scream from 22 miles of chafing might’ve caused a 911 call or two.
Don't ever leave me, Body Glide!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I ran at lunchtime!

It’s only been once, but wow, was it fantastic!  There’s a beautiful lake nearby and the weather has been glorious.  And all it took was an invitation from a coworker, “Why don’t you bring your running stuff tomorrow.  I’ll show you where the showers are and the loop I do”.  Sold!

I had started the day extremely stressed out.  Neck deep in a project and still proving myself as a newbie, I was letting work get the best of me.  Fortunately, I had not created any excuses about my lunchtime running date, so had my trusty bag filled with warm and cool weather running.  These days, who knows if it’ll be 80 degrees or 2 below!  At 11:45, we headed out.  My coworker/new running friend showed me where the bathroom/showers were on a different floor and off we went.

Did I mention she’s a LOT faster than I am?

I spent a touch over 4 miles nursing a stitch and attempting to participate in raw conversation that only happens during a run.  We’re about the same age, both training for Boston, and were both afraid we were going to be too slow for the other.  We learned a lot about each other in a short time.  I think the only other time two people who don’t know each other well can cover such personal topics is the time spent between a bartender and the customer!

What I learned from my lunchtime run: 
  • it’s not that difficult to gather a gym bag of running stuff and bring it to work
  • it’s so rewarding to have my run done by lunchtime, versus waiting until the evening…and then not doing it
  • it’s not about worrying about running as fast as my running partner, but about celebrating having a running partner occasionally
  • running with someone faster than I pushes me to, well, push!
  • my department/my company didn’t crumble just because I stepped away for an hour
  • my mood improved dramatically post-run
  • there are more lunchtime runs in my future J

Saturday, March 17, 2012

When the going gets tough….

….buy a new pair of running shoes and chalk up a tough run for what it was.  A tough run.  Aren’t they pretty???

I’m grateful for the 14 miles I was able to run today.  I’m humbled by the 14 miles I ran today.  I was disappointed at my 14 miles I ran today – but only because my goal had been two-fold:  1) to run 16 miles, and 2) to run them strong.  I won’t use the word “fail”, but I couldn’t help be disappointed. 

I haven’t wanted to run lately.  Really bad timing, given Boston is one 22 miler and a taper away, but it is what it is.  When something doesn’t feel fun anymore (even though I know it’s just temporary), I don’t want to do it.  I wish I had good reasons, but I don’t.  So, I’m going to chalk this funky training season up to ….. something that shan’t be named.  “Shan’t”???  Really Lisa?

I’m still hoping Scott will be able to run Boston with me, though his injury laden body might have other plans.  Either way, as runner or supporter, he’ll be there to celebrate my having reached the Start Line and cheer me on at the Finish.  Yes folks, as funky as my training has been, I WILL be at the Start and I WILL finish.  I will also celebrate the fact that I can run (where so many of my friends and blogger friends cannot right now).  And along for that celebration will be my new pair of shoes.  And a new attitude for whatever’s next….

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mind over (20 miles of) matter

A week of vacationing can make a girl lazy.  Happy, but definitely lazy.  But when you have a 20 miler scheduled for the weekend you return, what’s a girl to do?  Run 20 miles of course!

I started my inner, motivating dialog somewhere around Wednesday while drinking a fruity drink and watching the bull riding activities on the beach.  I figured I could fuel up easily via buffet, as long as I didn’t overdo or choose the wrong more delicious foods.  Getting my head wrapped around my long run is always paramount, but I knew this one would be a little more challenging – physically and mentally.

Long story longer….Arrived home at a little after 9pm Saturday night, after being in travel mode since 10am.  What I hadn’t planned for was the fact that we returned on the evening of “turning the clocks ahead”.  In addition, I hadn’t considered the already 1 hour difference between Mexico and MA.  Yes folks, that meant we lost 2 hours.  I’m tired just remembering how I felt when I forced myself to get up early Sunday morning for that 20 miler.

The run went fine; nothing stellar, but I did it.  Scott was his usual rock star self, heading off to pick Bella up from “puppy camp” and then checking on me.  I’m so glad I stuck with my plan.  The feeling of conquering that run was so much better than the feeling I would’ve had if I’d let my vacation laziness carry into Sunday.  This Friday marks 1 month until Boston – vacation laziness is officially OVAH!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Where in the world is….Lisa?

I’m right here friends!  It’s been 2 full weeks since my last post (whoa, that sounds almost like a confession)…..
I’ve had some kind emails and/or Facebook posts voicing some concern over my whereabouts lately.  How sweet, I’ve been missed J  Not that I’m on Facebook constantly, but between my random posts and my blogging, when I disappear, it’s nice to know my friends noticed.  I don’t try to stir up concern; just don’t like to advertise when I leave town.
Nothing’s wrong!  In fact, everything’s been fantastic!!  I’ve been on vacation and happily disconnected approximately 99% of the time.  And interestingly, it was my husband who sought out the wifi connection at our sister hotel.  I’ve missed writing and I’ve missed catching up on the latest from everyone, but the good news is that my silence translated to living it up….in Mexico!
There was lots of this:

None of this (unless you count racing through the Cancun airport due to last minute multiple gate changes):

Or this (though fun to watch):

There was even some of this (did I mention I’m afraid of heights??):
149 feet up!
Me, smiling AFTER the zip line survival
Some moderately conservative consumption of this:

And did I mention a lot of this:

Hola friends.  Back to reality....