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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I ran at lunchtime!

It’s only been once, but wow, was it fantastic!  There’s a beautiful lake nearby and the weather has been glorious.  And all it took was an invitation from a coworker, “Why don’t you bring your running stuff tomorrow.  I’ll show you where the showers are and the loop I do”.  Sold!

I had started the day extremely stressed out.  Neck deep in a project and still proving myself as a newbie, I was letting work get the best of me.  Fortunately, I had not created any excuses about my lunchtime running date, so had my trusty bag filled with warm and cool weather running.  These days, who knows if it’ll be 80 degrees or 2 below!  At 11:45, we headed out.  My coworker/new running friend showed me where the bathroom/showers were on a different floor and off we went.

Did I mention she’s a LOT faster than I am?

I spent a touch over 4 miles nursing a stitch and attempting to participate in raw conversation that only happens during a run.  We’re about the same age, both training for Boston, and were both afraid we were going to be too slow for the other.  We learned a lot about each other in a short time.  I think the only other time two people who don’t know each other well can cover such personal topics is the time spent between a bartender and the customer!

What I learned from my lunchtime run: 
  • it’s not that difficult to gather a gym bag of running stuff and bring it to work
  • it’s so rewarding to have my run done by lunchtime, versus waiting until the evening…and then not doing it
  • it’s not about worrying about running as fast as my running partner, but about celebrating having a running partner occasionally
  • running with someone faster than I pushes me to, well, push!
  • my department/my company didn’t crumble just because I stepped away for an hour
  • my mood improved dramatically post-run
  • there are more lunchtime runs in my future J


  1. That's fantastic!!!! I'm glad you got out for lunch, and found a new running buddy!

  2. Yay! I love random 80 deg days in March and lunchtime runs!! :)

  3. Lunch runs always kept me going through the work day!

  4. Love it when I can get away for a lunch run - I feel like Pollyanna when I get back. I'm spoiled, there are trails right by my office and I get to use the on-call rooms in the hospital that we're connected to for a quick shower. Bad weather - I've got a rec center less than a quarter mile away. SWEEET!!

  5. A new running friend - that's great! Like you, I'd rather run in the afternoon than evening, too.

  6. That sound fantastic! I love lunchtime runs, though mine are limited to 40 minutes max by my reference desk schedule. I still get away for them when I can. And congrats on having a running partner, too. She will doubtless make you faster!