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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Take THAT Mother Nature

The weather just didn’t look good heading into this weekend.  No two ways about it – I’d be running in the rain and/or snow OR running on the treadmill.  I chose the rain.

I could’ve gotten cranky about it, but instead I decided to take the chill approach.  I had errands to run, so I did that first.  I picked up my new glasses, grabbed a few things at the store, and headed back home.  By 9:30, I was heading out the door to run.  A slight drizzle greeted me, which was better than what was forecast.  And in my mind, heading out into drizzle is much better than heading out into steady rain.

The steady rain joined me at about mile 5 and stuck with me for the remaining miles.  But I felt pretty good.  I was already wet and I was moving – so I didn’t feel all that cold.  Until mile 10.  Got some good wind in the face that delivered the steady raindrops like missiles into my face.  No Bueno.  But even that passed pretty quickly.  I was also pleasantly surprised at how courteous the drivers were this morning.  Just about all of them slowed and/or swerved away from me to give me room to continue running.  Even the driver who splashed me in my final mile had tried to avoid me and the puddles.  A for effort anyway!

I didn’t really know what to expect today.  I headed out with a plan of my 8 hilly miler and figured that, if I felt good after that, I’d keep going.  I felt good, so I kept going.  I brought a GU and took it at mile 6.  I got wet and I got cold, but overall, I had a very decent 14 miler.  Now, off to thaw out in front of the pellet stove and have about 5 of these….

Anyone else brave the elements today?


  1. You are so tough!!! I don't even think about running outside in the cold rain - treadmill all the way for me.

    1. TM runs are tough in there own way. Looking at more rain/snow mix tomorrow, so already mentally preparing once again....oye!

  2. I had a run in the rain Saturday afternoon as well. I could only tolerate about 7 miles then I bailed.