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Saturday, February 16, 2013

They can’t all be great

I started psyching myself up last night for today’s14 miler.  With another notsogreat week filled with bad running (almost non-existent), bad eating/drinking, and a bad attitude, I knew I was going to need every drop of motivation to get me out the door and to finish what I’d start.

Spoiler Alert: I did it J

It was so much harder than it should’ve been and I had way too many moments during my run where I just didn’t want to continue.  But it wasn’t all bad, so I’m choosing to focus on the positive:
  • I DID IT.  I ran 14.5 miles at just under a 9 minute pace
  • I ran pain-free, minus the foot pain I’ve been experiencing (see more on that later)
  • My run began with a beautifully picturesque, snowy morning
  • I was dressed perfectly for the weather
  • The roads were clear down to the pavement (what a difference from last week’s long run!)
  • Drivers were very courteous today (versus the other day when I tried to run at work)
  • I carried my phone, so was able to take some pictures along the way…..
Some pretty scenery during my run, with the sun trying to peek out at the end
On a side note, I’ve self-diagnosed my foot pain as sesamoiditis.  For the non-anatomy/physiology nerds, here’s the gist:

So after my cool down with Bella –

Clearly biased, but I think she's the prettiest dog ever!

I “treated” myself to a foot icing, courtesy of last week's storm Nemo.  Why buy or make ice when I can just recycle some (non-yellow) snow?

Don’t worry, this pan has been's seen its last pot roast!
My reward, now that I conquered that long run and the foot icing –

Now THIS is the kind of icing I like!

Moral of the story: they can’t all be great, but if you look hard enough, you can find some good in them all!

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!


  1. Great job Lisa! Hope your foot subsides.

    1. Thanks Michelle! With no shortage of snow these days, I just may go out barefoot after my runs for awhile. Nothing like icing in the most efficient way possible :)

  2. That sure does look like that cake from Market Basket you were talking about the other day. lol :) But after 14 miles, you earned it!

    1. You got me Michelle, it sure is! I have to stop buying them, cuz I clearly don't have a "shut off" valve.

  3. pretty pics! i would love to run in scenic snow! i think that pace is AMAZING!!!

  4. You are SO right! Good can always be found... it just takes some digging sometimes ;) What a beautiful run! Nice job :)

    1. "Digging" is definitely the word of the season, as we are in the middle of yet another little snowstorm. It's all good :)

  5. The scenery looks beautiful!!! Great job getting out there and focusing on the good parts! Hope your foot feels better ASAP!

  6. Running has a beautiful way of ebbing and flowing. Not all runs are great, but when the stars align and you have yourself a perfect run? Man, those are the feelings I live for and why I run. I'm so sorry to hear about your neighbor; my heart goes out to your neighborhood and his entire family. That's so sad. My heart is saddened.

    1. You summed that up perfectly :)

      Thank you for the kind words. It sure was sad and each time I pass their house, it reminds me that we never know what someone's going through (unless we peek inside or in this case, when it's such a public event).