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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Head over heels

Today’s drenching downpour of a Saturday started out with a family trail run – how fun!  With Scott off from work and Bella ready to run free, we were off!  Since this was our first run since Vermont City marathon, I opted for the 3 mile loop to start off with.  These trails were mostly single track, so between the moisture laden greenery and the quickly forming puddles, we were wet and muddy almost immediately. 
Definitely a few spikes on this run!
About half way into the course came the “head over heels” part of the run.  I saw the rocks/stream, approached with caution, and slipped anyway.  It was very wet and falls can happen on the trail on the driest of days.  There was blood, but I was a big girl.  I didn’t cry, but instead shook it off and thus learned my first lesson of trail running; how to fall.
Note the muddy shoes and the roughed-up knee!
Once we peeled our muddy shoes off and scrubbed up, we headed to a late breakfast.  Mmmm, nothing like a hearty post-run breakfast.
No caption really necessary, right?
Our adventures weren’t over yet.  We next headed to one of our running stores to “just look at” trail shoes.  Oh yeah, you know I walked out of there with some new shoes, along with a handful of other new running items; pair of shorts, cap, bra, and socks.  On an economic note, I got the trail shoes on MAJOR sale, and because we had our friend Martyn with us, the store owner gave us 10% off.  There’s a reason we call Martyn “the Mayor”!
These should hide the mud well!
I’m head over heels over a Saturday where I get things done (on the run of course) without any pressure of time, where I get to play in the rain like a 10 year old on a fun trail run with my favorite peep & pet, where I get to grab a quick snooze with aforementioned pet, and where I get to jazz up my running wardrobe in time to launch my summer running.

Now off to sign up for some summer races.  All this running talk and new running wardrobe is making me feel fast!
Time to dig out my credit card!


  1. Sounds like a great day! Which races are you looking at?

    1. Hey Michelle, looking at a 10K in Hamilton, MA. Got a few others to pick from that will get me through July/Aug/Sept.

      So many races, so little time....:)

  2. What a fun Saturday!!! Nothing better than a great post-run breakfast! Way to tough out that fall!

    1. Definitely fun! Even with the fall, I'm becoming a fan of trail running. If only I was born w/ an internal compass though....

      Oh, and a little Advil helped me tough out the fall :)

  3. WOOT! Sorry about the fall, but well done getting right back up again!
    Now, WHO goes into a running store to check out new shoes and NOT leave with them? No me!
    Love a huge (well earned) breakfast after a run!!

    1. I'm with if I'm NOT going to get shoes? The store owner asked if I wanted to wear them out (chuckle).

  4. I guess they don't call you FAST LISA for nothin'!!! Hahahahaha!