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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tapering sympathy pains

My goal tomorrow is to achieve a “supporting PR” at Smuttynose Rockfest Marathon!  Sue, Kellie, and Carrie are running the full; Karen is running the half as preparation for Baystate later this month.  Meaghan’s off to tackle Wineglass Marathon.  All are eagerly awaiting the start of their races….

And so am I!!!

Seriously, you’d think I was running tomorrow.  I’ve got course maps, cow bells, extra waters for our friends, and my own running stuff that will enable me to help run Carrie through that final 10K part of the race.  

And with that, I’m pretty sure I’m having taper sympathy pains….
  • This morning, I felt achy knees
  • After achy knees came an achy right hip
  • I craved pasta today and shoveled it in like it was my job
  • And I’m just overall cranky today.

Yep, sure fire signs of a tapering marathoner. 

I’m guessing I will over-carbo-load later as many do the night before, have a terrible bout with insomnia (what’s new), and awaken tomorrow with butterflies.  So, my running friends, I am experiencing it right alongside you!  I’m excited for you all to have great races and can’t wait to celebrate your awesome accomplishments!

Have fun!!!!


  1. Spectating is hard for me because I always want to run! Have fun supporting your friends. It is a great thing for you to do!

    1. I get it Sandy....I let it make me hungry :)

  2. That's hilarious! And I can totally relate. The morning I drove to where I would jump in to pace my friend in his first 50 mile race I was so nervous you'd think I was the one racing! My stomach was in knots until I saw him and he was calm as a cucumber, then I guess my body/mind figured it'd be ok to chill out ;)

  3. Good luck to all your friends running! You will be a great spectator.
    I am so, so sorry but somehow my feed must have dropped your blog. I have missed you :) I need to now catch up and see what you have been up to!