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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Slippery Slope

This morning’s walk with Bella had to be a defensive one.  Many who travel my street use it as a means to an end – a connecting road – so they fly.  This morning was NOT the morning for flying.  Bella and I came across a spot where a car clearly rounded the curve too quickly and the ruts in the side of the road told the story of how successful that turned out to be.  We slid across the street (cuz that’s where Bella’s nose take us – back and forth!) and cautiously backed way off when cars did approach.  We arrived home safely but it was confirmation that I would be continuing my bond with my still fairly new treadmill.

The slippery conditions haven’t been solely claimed by the weather.  This week has become a slippery slope where all things that were normal and necessary for a functioning Lisa slipped off the slope completely.  I traveled for work this week, spending a longer than usual period of time in VT and away from my little family.  My normal.  It was a good trip and I love VT, so no real complaints.  But I was on-the-go for what felt like 24x7.

Focusing on the positive:
  • I love VT!
  • It’s always great to see my VT teammates live and in person – they’re great!
  • The meetings I participated in went really well and were very productive.
  • The career fair we held in our Waterbury location drew a good crowd and logistically, went very well.
  • Enjoyed a couple of really nice dinners with our team.

What I wish had been different:
  • One evening of “nothing” would’ve rejuvenated me.
  • I definitely did not sleep enough.
  • Even one run on the hotel treadmill would’ve been enough to feel like I took care of myself.  With zero miles logged, I felt robbed by the end of the week.
  • Because of changed business plans, my hotel (which at first was the perfect location) was a good 45 mins drive from where I needed to be – on 3 occasions.  Back and forth.  Ugh.
  • I had to have company on this trip.  It didn’t make sense for 2 of us to drive separately, but boy, it was a challenge being connected at the hip for 4 days, including the ride to and from VT.
  • Next time I decide to wear a white top, I will NOT attempt to drink hot cocoa.  Yes, THAT happened.  Just before the career fair meant I walked around all evening with a hot cocoa dribble stain down the front of my cute white top.  Curses.

So today I decided the slippery slope was over.  I got on my treadmill and dialed up a 5 miler (iFit course: Monterey, CA).  And then, after realizing I was feeling a lot better, dialed up another 3.5 miler (iFit course:  Venice, Italy).  Before I knew it, I had run myself right off of the slippery slope, logging 8.5 miles, and feeling very much in control again.

View from my run in Venice (via iFit)
It’s so hard to stop the avalanche once things start feeling crazy.  As my week progressed and I continued to not run, to not take care of myself, to not take the time I needed…. it just snowballed.  It’s like when you eat your weight in Cap’n Crunch cereal (hypothetically speaking of course) on Saturday, so you decide “Well, I’ve already ruined my diet for the weekend, so why not eat a gallon of ice cream too!”.  It’s gravity.  Once you start down that slippery slope, it’s very difficult to pull yourself out of the way of the ensuing avalanche of bad decisions or whatnot. 

Running is funny though; it has a way of immediately stopping that avalanche.  I told myself “I’ll go nice and slow and see how I feel”.  8.5 miles later, I had shaken off all the weight I was carrying from my personal avalanche and was moving forward with a new day.

I might even treat myself to a nap so I can stay up for the Patriots game tonight.  Or not.  Either way, I’m in control again J


  1. Nice job sweetie! You rock at working' it out!

    ~ XO Mama

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