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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wet and Wild

Here is a view into what my run looked and felt like this morning – WET and WILD!

And it was, well, FUN too!

I chose an out and back route for the 10 miles I planned for today.  I conquered some crazy hills on my 16 miler yesterday, so I wasn’t looking for hills today.  With most out and backs however, one is likely to feel the wind.  In one’s face.  At some point.

My windinmyface moments were captured during my first 5 miles out.  With that wind also came driving rain; fortunately it was driving more sideways than directly into my face.  Small win.  The wind was harsh and made my now soaked mittens feel like a freezer, keeping the cold nice and close to my hands.  Some of the puddles started on one side of the street and flowed directly across.  I wasn’t afraid of getting any more wet than I already was, but let’s face it, I also wasn’t looking for the “cold water oozing into shoes” feeling.  I took my favorite Salted Caramel GU along with me and devoured it just before my mile 5 turnaround.  Caramel always perks me up and almost made me forget the weather elements.

The return home was less harsh, so other than tired legs (the goal of back-to-back long runs is to run on tired legs), I steadily motored home with far less weather drama than I experienced on my way out.  Upon my arrival, Scott offered words of encouragement/praise (what’s better than hearing “I’m proud of you” from your loved ones?), but also had brought me home a little reward.  God he knows me so well…

I always say that it’s easier to run in these kind of elements when it happens while you’re already on your run.  Knowingly leaving a warm house to head out into driving rain takes some commitment and guts.  Although I do have my treadmill and used it quite frequently this winter, I realize there is great value in training not only my legs and my mind, but my guts too.

Who else had a rainy/snowy/windy run today?


  1. ok, so for your run yesterday, were you running on some little short cut road in georgetown around 1? We were heading to Lowell for my daughter's fh game then and we take Main st from Byfield to Georgetown and then take that shortcut right before the light and cut around by that little store. I saw a woman running and I was so jealous and then realized that it kinda looked like you from behind. (Knowing full well, I have no idea what you look like from behind…… But she had shortish hair and looked about like your age and build. So there.) Anyway, if it was you, I was jealous. I would have sent you a note to run this morning but there was no way I was getting out in that cold rain after watching fh in it yesterday for 4 hours. I was STILL cold this morning!! Back down there next weekend for more fh so if you are available Sat. night, I might be able to meet you for a run!

    1. Hey Michelle! Must be a twin, cuz Saturday I was done by 11:30. But thanks for thinking of me!

      I had a similar feeling today; we made a quick stop at the market after dinner and I felt like the rainy rawness totally got under my skin - yet running in it for 1.5 hours this morning didn't feel as bad.

      i'd love to run with you if you're around Sat! Keep me posted and I'll keep my fingers crossed for some normal Spring weather. Here's my email address -

  2. I'm a wimp and tend to run inside - great job getting out there and braving the cold and wind.
    And, those powdered donuts are the best - what a perfect after running treat!!

    1. Oh I have plenty'o wimp in me :) I'm just so done w/ "the winter of the TM"!!! Plus, the rainy circumstances did feel like an extra challenge.

      Oh yes, the donuts were heavenly....

  3. WOW- that sounds awful!!! But all the more accomplishment. I totally agree with you, that's it's much easier to be running and have bad weather hit, then to leave your nice cozy house when it's crazy outside. Nice job surviving that one!