Life's little adventures, accompanied by a running watch

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Does EPIC describe my long day at work?  Nope.
Does EPIC describe tonight's nightmare commute?  Close, but nope.
Does EPIC describe the piece of a coworker’s birthday cake I scored today?  Nope.
Does EPIC describe the snow in upstate NY…..well, that one may deserve an EPIC.

So what is best described as EPIC?

  • EPIC is the name of my treadmill.
  • EPIC describes the 3 mile run I completed on my EPIC treadmill after my long day and nightmarish commute.
  • EPIC describes the feeling after completing that run.  Instead of sulking over wasted time in the car.  Instead of “rewarding” myself with a glass of wine or other goodies.  Instead of regretting not having chased the EPIC feeling that only comes with meeting a goal.

Even an EPIC little 3 miler goal.

What is best described as EPIC for you?