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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Did you know...

Did you know...that negative temperatures without wind is actually runnable?  (I didn’t say it was comfortable….)

Did you took my toes approximately 3 miles to warm up?

Did you know...snowbanks, if tall enough, can provide protection from the wind?

Did you know...Sportslick is truly the ultimate skin protector?  Ghost Train 100 miler tested and approved – no chafing.  For real.

Did you know...this is a normal example of a mailbox found during the Northeast winters?

Did you distract myself, I rate the fire hydrant shoveling efforts?  So get shoveling….you never know who’s watching!

Did you know...there’s endless beauty on a long run during the Northeast winters?

Did you know...that even Bella is experiencing snow exhaustion?

Did you know...regardless of the weather or road conditions, Jordan’s Furniture delivers?

Did you know...we’re bracing for yet another blizzard? 

Did you know...I saw a lot of this on my run this morning to prepare for the next 12-18” of snow?

Did you took approximately 1 minute into my run for my bad mood to be frozen away? 

Cheers to all of us who are trying to run through or around this hellacious winter we’re having!  Now if this “glass half full” attitude doesn’t freeze….


  1. This was a riot, Lisa! You're too much!

    Luv ya ~ Mama

  2. Oh, you are hardcore!!! That snow is way too much for me to even think about getting out in. Shoveling the roofs?! And, -4 to run in????? I can barely handle running to a building or my truck when it's that cold!!!

    1. I detest the cold Kim! But I detest the treadmill a little bit more :)