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Thursday, April 14, 2016

My Own Private Holiday – Marathon Monday!

I’m pretty sure my new manager and coworkers would not understand if I profess Monday the holiday I know it is.   After all, I’m now living in NC, where Patriots Day is not celebrated and the Boston Marathon is not as highly revered.  No fear, I’ll be representing Boston even though I’m physically far away! 

  • I’ll wear my jacket from my first running of Boston in 2010
  • Better yet, when I enter work that morning, I’ll place my jacket on the back of my chair for all the world (or at least my immediate coworkers) to see
  • I’ll most definitely run on Monday! 
  • I’ll likely find myself super motivated and sign up for Umstead 100 some little race
  • I’ll peek in on live streaming whenever possible (thank you technology!)
  • Most fun of all, if I can’t be running….I’ll stalk runners who are running Boston this year via the Athlete Tracker J
And although there won’t be any Boston Marathon fanfare where I’m living now, I think my company does have a little Boston Marathon in them……at least based on the blue and yellow flowers planted at the front entrance AND this car parked in the lot today (get it….BQ###!!!!) –

Happy resting and hydrating friends who are running!  I’m excited for you!


  1. What an awesome post! So cool that you have a Boston Marathon jacket to hang over your chair - that's quite a conversation starter!

    1. I do missing being there, but maybe I can get that conversation started here AND even maybe, find some other runners I haven't met yet!

  2. so funny. I just assumed EVERY WHERE had Boston Marathon fever!😊

  3. Ah, I'm right there with you! I have Boston fever bad. I might pull out my old jacket from 2004 and wear that big beast of a jacket even. ha! Sign up for that 100 miler on Monday! yes! ;)

    1. I guess one of the good things about having "the fever" is that it makes you even hungrier!

  4. I love that you celebrated and took a virtual holiday! This will be me next year!