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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Practice makes perfect

I like to think I’m a good listener all the time, but I’m probably not.
I like to think I’m a good friend all the time, but I’m probably not.
I like to think I make a difference in the world, but I may not (or may not ever see the results).

The other day, a friend revealed something to me that was of concern to her.  She shared the details of this personal situation with me and I listened.  It wasn't something for me to solve or jump in with my opinion.  Toward the end of our conversation about that particular topic, she seemed surprised at herself, saying, “Wow, I haven’t shared that with anyone but my husband”.  I joked, “Well, I do bring that out in people”.  She said, “Apparently so”.

This was one of those times when –

I WAS a good listener
I WAS a good friend
I DID make a difference

It may not be all of the time, but what a gift to know there are times when I get it right. 


  1. That really is awesome! That's my girl!

  2. That's a really nice story, Lisa. I'd love to be a good friend to someone in that way someday. :^)

    1. Oh, I would venture to guess you already have :)

  3. Warm fuzzies and well done!

    1. Thanks Kathy...I definitely have a solid "warm fuzzy" side for sure :)