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Friday, July 19, 2013

Bella Knows Best!

OK, Bella is more than a dog.  She truly is part of the family.  She runs with us, she hangs out with us, she plays with us.  She does not live on the couches or beds, but she is a family member in every other way.  With that said, I’ve learned a lot from her.  Usually, our lessons take place during our runs together on the trail….

Wag your tail – Smile!  Even if you’re not feeling it, smile!  Fake it ‘til you make it.  It really does work.

Smell the roses – I love to play with speed on my runs, but sometimes it’s just nice to smell the roses.  Today's 4 miler started before 8:00 am, however the temperatures had already hit high 80 degree temperatures.  There’s just no need for speed or hill work or anything more than a slower run during these temperatures.  Even Bella skipped past the hills she normally attacks.  She chose to run alongside me for the whole route.

Trust your nose – Sometimes Bella “tells” me through the power of her nose that something is amiss.  Whether it’s a deer she has sniffed from afar or a human she doesn’t take a liking to (rare, but she’s smart in that she knows who’s good or sketchy).  Since our noses are not quite as keen as dogs’ noses, we do have our “gut” to trust.  You know, that feeling you get when you sense something is wrong.  Trust it!  Take a different route on your run or cross the street.  Never give yourself the opportunity to regret not trusting your gut.

Such focus!

Act like a puppy – So many people who meet Bella for the first time think she’s much younger than she really is.  They mistake 5 year old Bella for a puppy.  That’s because she acts like one!  She can’t contain herself when she greets people – especially some of her BFF’s. 
Yup, that's me playing the role of 6 year old

When hot and faced with a body of water, swim!  This could mean running through a sprinkler during a hot run.  For Bella, it means we stop at one of her two swimming holes on our trail run.  It’s worth the time spent.  She retrieves sticks, swims about, and basically frolics in the water and comes out with a new spring in her step.

Bella with a new friend
Know when to hold’em; Know when to fold’em.  Bella’s definitely feeling this heat.  As we try to go out and play (i.e. throw the Kong, she retrieves, rinse and repeat 200 times), the heat and humidity sends Bella indoors and straight to the fan after only a couple of throws.  She knows when she needs to slow down, rest, or cool off.  We can definitely learn by this behavior!  It’s hard to listen to our bodies when we’re trying to run a certain distance or run a certain pace.  When the heat is this intense, there’s nothing cool about passing out or vomiting because of too intense a workout in too hot of a day.

Celebrate life’s little pleasures.  In June, we hiked Mt. Moosilauke in the White Mountains and found snow at the summit of this 4000+ footer!  We stopped and threw snowballs and, though I wondered if Bella was seasonally confused, she sure remembered what it was and what to do with it. 

Today’s little pleasure for me is a day off from work.  My only planned activity today?  Just be.  I think I can handle that.

Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. Aw- love this post! Bella seems like such a wonderful part of your family. They really do teach us amazing lessons.

    1. Thanks Abby. She certainly is our "baby" :)