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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Happy Snowy Trails

Awoke to a beautiful sunny day.  Of course it’s cold, so I’m not even going to restate the obvious, but the sun certainly makes things better all around.  Bella and I decided to check out the trails and hoped the snowmobiles packed down the snow enough to be able to run (or at least walk) without too much difficulty.

Success!  Snow was packed down, though even with my trail shoes, it was tough going.  No thoughts of speed today; just wanted to move my legs a little after yesterday’s 18 miler.

Bella was in heaven!

I’ve always been a sucker for serene winter/water scenes…

3 miles of running, walking, snowball throwing, and picture taking makes one happy Lisa and one happy Lab!

Do you enjoy playing in the snow?


  1. NO, NO, NO!!! I avoid the snow at all costs!!
    Great job running in the snow - you are awesome!

    1. Thanks Kim! I'm actually not a big snow person, but hey it's February and I'm in the Northeast. And when I travel for business, it's to another snowy state (VT), so I can't escape it. The final straw is having a Lab who NEEDS to run outside as often as possible.

      At least sun is setting later and later.....there IS hope!

  2. I love to take a trip to the mountains to play in the snow but I am glad that we don't actually live where it snows. I am not sure how you all deal with it. I am such a wimp!

    1. I hear ya Sandy! Every year about this time of the season, I wonder why I live in this arctic zone....

      And then Spring happens and it's all good :)