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Monday, February 10, 2014

Just “being”

Far too often, my weekends are jam packed with countless to-do’s….laundry, vacuuming, work-work, etc.  Other than my long runs, I have a hard time disconnecting from the to-do’s and just “being”.  Sunday I got to practice just “being”.

After Scott and I got our respective runs done, Scott had the great idea to head to Salisbury beach.  Beach pizza on a cold Sunday, especially a cold Sunday after an 18 mile long run?  Pick me, pick me!!  We threw Bella in the truck, grabbed hats and mittens, AND Scott’s new camera (I call it Scott’s because he has really been the one figuring out how to use it, etc). 

First stop:  Tripoli’s

I’m pretty sure I ate my weight in pizza and I DIDN’T CARE!!!  After all, I had 18 miles of caloric deficit from Saturday to catch up on.  The last piece I ate was for pure deliciousness – I was full one whole piece before!

After all that pizza, we all rolled out of the truck to play on the beach.  Bella is turning 6 years old this week and still performs a pretty impressive trampoline jump!  I guess if you think you're a puppy, you then act like a puppy...

As we exited the Salisbury Reservation area, the number of cars and camera laden people lining the road told us some cool bird was in town.  So when in Rome…..

Luckily, Scott brought along our “real” camera, so the fact that this snowy owl was perched a good 150 feet away in the salt marsh did not prevent us from getting a few good pictures.

I wonder how long ole snowy owl will sit there looking pretty?  Is he even aware of the attention he’s getting?  Questions I’ll never know the answers to.  It was cool to sit and watch him for awhile (or was it he watching us??), just as it was fun to watch Bella chase the stick over and over again.  Not thinking anything, not multi-tasking on my phone, not worrying about anything….just quietly observing nature at its best.

Owls, dogs….they sure got it right.  Just “being” in the moment, doing what they do.


  1. Love days like that! It is so easy to always feel like you've got to be checking something off the to do list - good for you for just enjoying the day!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I'm glad I almost didn't notice it until I started writing. Leave it to me to over analyze it if I'm not careful :) Hope you're doing well....I either misplaced your blog or you moved?

  2. sounds like an amazing - much needed - weekend!

  3. Sounds like a great day!!! I love Tripolis!! We haven't had it in so long!

    1. It's the best, isn't it!!! So hey Nancy, any great places to head while in Falmouth & Martha's Vineyard this weekend?

  4. I think pizza on the beach is the perfect way to wrap a ing run weekend!!!
    That owl is so cool looking!!!