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Friday, January 30, 2015

Finding Fun

A couple of quick videos to share with you to show where we girls find fun amidst the New England winter!

On Sunday, I hijacked my friend Sue and we ran Boston Prep 16 miler in Derry, NH.  Known for its ridiculous hills, runners gravitate to this race each January to use as a Boston Marathon prep race.  Neither of us are running Boston this year, but do have Maine Coast Marathon on our agendas!   Typically the coldest day of the year, Sunday wasn’t as cold as usual.  I’m cold in July, so still don the face mask, but overall a good day!

Today, Bella worked on her “snow dive” and has pretty much perfected her form.  She lives for her Kong and will find it under any weather conditions.  My video talents are nowhere near the quality and creativity of Scott’s, but it’s a cute one nevertheless!


Where are YOU finding fun during the winter?


  1. Lots of trudging through the snow! The other day I was so stuck in a snow drift that I just fell over and rolled down! We laughed a lot!!

    1. And your little ones could easily be covered!!!

  2. Fun to see you running!!!
    Thankfully we don't have any snow yet!

    1. Live and in action :) I rode out the blizzard (was traveling on business) but we're getting more this weekend and Monday....