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Friday, June 5, 2015

Lemme catch you up!

Can’t think of a better way to catch up over the last month-plus than to barrage you with photos!  Here’s what’s been going on….

I spent just about every weekend of May in different parts of Maine.  First stop, Kennebunk for the Maine Coast 39.3 Challenge.  Ran the half on Saturday; the full on Sunday.  Lots-o-bling!

Next stop was York for Kristin and Alex’s wedding.  She’s the first niece out of the gate into marriage…..where does the time go??

No rest for the weary!  Following weekend was spent in the New Gloucester/Freeport area to run Pineland Farms 50K!  A number of us were there to run a variety of distances.  Fun race, great friends, and another cowbell to add to my collection!

Most recently, we were willing participants in Rusty’s (Scott’s cousin) surprise 50th birthday party….fun cousin time for all!

And just the other evening after returning home from work, Bella alerted me to an uninvited guest.  INSIDE our bedroom.  The little chipmunk was trying so hard to escape, but couldn’t (screen).  Didn’t catch up with him until the next morning, when he greeted Scott on the couch, as if to say, “When you're done with your coffee, can you let me out?”

So, you’re now officially caught up!  What have YOU been up to?


  1. How does that saying go? "A picture is worth a thousand words?"

  2. Sounds like some fun times! As for me, I've been busy preparing for our trip. I hope to get in some more races like you have lately.

    1. Your trip sounds like an adventure.....maybe like a different kind of ultra!

  3. OMG- I would have totally freaked out about the chipmunk! Wow! Thanks for sharing the photos. Looks like a lot of fun.