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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Out of my comfort zone

During a staff meeting with my team, my VT members let me know that I would be joining them at their lunch time Body Pump class during my next trip to VT.  I have friends who take Body Pump classes, but I never have.  Enter next trip to VT….

I packed my usual work out stuff and added several more items because, after all, I have no idea what one wears to Body Pump class.  I wondered what this class would entail, if I’d be able to keep up, if I’d look ridiculous, if…if…if….  Then I realized I was being ridiculous worrying about it.  So once I talked myself out of finding an excuse for not going, I started to look forward to it.

Today was that day. 

I ended up wearing a light pair of running tights and a loose fitting running shirt (the kind given away at a race) and was perfectly comfortable.  Jody and Katelyn steered me to the room and helped me get set up.  This is the part I would’ve found a little overwhelming had I attended on my own.  Having buddies there to show me the ropes was so helpful!  I knew enough to go small/low weight to start; I didn’t want to overdo my first weight bearing exercise class and never want to do it again.

The music was great, I had plenty of room to call my own, the room was cool and comfy, and the instructor had a good vibe to her (though I have no one to compare her to).  I kept up for the most part, making just a few slight modifications to a move or two.  This runner has only ever focused on running.  Period.  This Body Pump concept both intrigued me and scared me.  And I have to admit, I think I did OK.  And I even….liked it.

Of course, tomorrow should tell the real story.  Whether I can lift a pen or drive a mouse will be the true test...