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Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Tale of Two Winters

It’s only December 20, so I realize it’s far too early to base the entire winter on current mild temperatures. 

BUT, we’re still a long way from last year –

Scott and I headed up to the White Mountains of New Hampshire on December 12 and planned a nice 9 mile run on the trails of Lincoln Woods.  While Mount Washington was displaying a nice layer of white, the trails of Lincoln Woods had only a trace amount of snow sporadically dusted throughout our trek.

It was fun to be able to easily run the trails without slipping on ice or having to be layered up to the hilt to accommodate for freezing temperatures.  We’re already planning a Christmas trail run and will embrace the warm temperatures while we can!

Mount Washington...where the snow belongs!


  1. I'm really enjoying this kind of winter. :) But I'm nervous about what Feb will be like!

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  3. Fun video! It's great that you're running trails together!

    1. Thanks Tina! I'm so grateful that we share the love of running AND that he doesn't mind my pace :) The go-pro just adds another level of fun/goofiness!