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Saturday, January 2, 2016

My Accidental Ultra

Moe, Melissa, and me pre-run
A week or so ago, Melissa mentioned she was running the GAC Fat Ass 50K.  I’ve had my eye on this local trail race for a few years, but weather, injury, or just timing always prevailed.  I responded that I was interested, but would likely run 3 loops of 6.2 miles each.  Melissa planned on running the full 5 loops (50K) but seemed happy for the company for however many loops I had in me.  Sure, count me in for a few!  

The icy, crunchy snow was tough, but was quickly trampled by runners.  The sun was super bright and so, even with the cold temperatures, it melted some of the snow and ice accordingly.  Enter mud!  Scott drilled some screws into my running shoes and I think that really helped today.  I never fell and never really even slid.  Melissa and Moe (a good friend of hers, who I also know from working together twenty years ago – small world!) slid and/or fell.  Fortunately, no one seemed too bruised or battered.  But a fall is a fall and generally disarms you for a little bit.  I am happy to report ZERO falls for the day.  Win!

Drilled screws work!!
As each loop passed, I continued to feel good.  I resorted back to my trusted jelly sandwiches that worked so well in other ultras, enjoyed some potato-ish soup and other various goodies at the aid station.  And oh my God, that aid station.  It was jam packed with food!!  A couple of caramel GUs (because c’mon, they’re awesome) and a couple of salt tabs, washed down with some Coke and later, ginger ale provided the perfect diet.  I felt fueled and mentally OK.  So I kept going.

Somewhere during loop #4, I knew I was going to keep going for the full 5 loops.  My legs felt the miles, the hills, and the traction-less trail, but the weather cooperated and I was having fun.  So why not!  We finished at 6:26 and toasted some chicken soup to our accomplishment.

Now you understand the title, “Accidental Ultra”.  While I knew there was a good chance Melissa would make me do all 5 loops I’d want to see what I had today and try to complete the full course, I also wanted to make sure I stayed injury-free and healthy.  My legs will scream at me later, but mentally, this was a huge boost for me to tackle this distance today.   I feel so happy and grateful to be able to physically and mentally jump in like I did today.  The Fat Ass mentally definitely helped, with its no-pressure, run what you want, bring food as your entry fee, right in my back yard, and all around great all keeps me coming back for more.   

My 2016 is starting off on a good foot (screws and all)!

Chicken soup toast....CHEERS!


  1. Great post, Lisa! Glad to see you've got your mojo back. Ya see why I love that guy?

    1. Thanks Mom, me too! Yes, I do see why you love that guy...he sure is a keeper :)

  2. That's hard core! I've heard that screws really help in situations like these! Must have felt awesome when you finished!

    1. Yes, the screws were key! It did feel really good :)Thanks!