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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sounds of Silence

Our first measurable snow fell recently and quickly became a glazed sheet of ice.  Though pretty, it sure is a challenge to walk on it.  As I wrote about here, I was able to benefit from placing screws in my shoes to successfully navigate 50K worth of trails last week.  Bella, on the other hand, doesn’t have that option.  So the icy covering is really a challenge for managing her basic need of going to the bathroom.  She slips and slides and has quickly snubbed any idea of venturing out into the backyard as she normally would. 

Plan B....

This means I’m taking her for more frequent, formal walks down the street….morning and night.  At first, it’s a pain to get us both dressed at 9:30+ at night, but it’s also the most quiet time of the day.  The sky is crystal clear, showing off its brilliance in stars. The cold air and snow combines to create a "muffled" sensation, where it sounds like….nothing.  Not a peep.  It's peaceful.  

I'm kinda diggin' it.


  1. I'll have to come up to your house the next time I feel "star gazing."

  2. Peaceful is good! had a great time seeing snow in California yesterday. Even though it's extra work, I think I'd like to live where it snows.