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Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Tale of Two Pisgahs

During our exploration of North Carolina back in 2015, Scott and I took a hot air balloon ride over the Pisgah Mountains.  I had no idea the elevation was as high, if not higher, than some of the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  That white-knuckle adventure is indelibly imprinted in my memories!

Pisgah, NC

Today, as Scott and I ventured out on a morning run/hike in Pisgah State Park –in New Hampshire – I felt so grateful to be able to live so close and “play” in such a beautiful place.  


Pisgah, NH

By the end of our 11 mile adventure, my feet were tender!  So many many downs. Official elevation (according to Garmin) was 1795'.  

Extra bonus:  our adventure collided with a local trail race.  We got to cheer some runners on and give extra cheer to Arne and Maggie, friends from our running community.  Fun!

Both Pisgahs were beautiful, however I prefer exploring with my feet on the ground and not 5000' feet above!

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