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Monday, May 29, 2017

Vermont 100 Crew Pre-Work

When I ran Ghost Train a few years ago, I knew that I would depend heavily on my crew to help get me through the distance.  Scott held down our home base, cooked for everyone, tracked me, massaged my feet, and encouraged me throughout my journey.  The rest of my tribe ran with me, massaged my Achilles in the middle of the night, sang with me, and dressed in Christmas lights.  Whatever it took!  In July, I will take on this important role of crewing for Scott, as he heads into his own 100 mile journey at Vermont 100!

Today, we took a drive to VT to scope out the area.  This scoping expedition wasn’t for Scott,  Nope, it was for me.  If any of you know me at all, you know by now that I have no sense of direction.  And since VT 100 is not like my Ghost Train 7.5 mile route that runners repeat until complete, I will need to navigate through the back roads of VT.  At night.  For up to 30 hours (race cutoff).  The farm areas we saw during our drive were gorgeous and hilly.  As in, ears-popping hilly.  Also, every street sign seemed to signify more hills (i.e. Silver Hill Road, etc).  Hopefully this road sign doesn’t represent too much of Scott’s experience:
Yes, this is a real sign in the area!
I’m super excited for Scott!  His training has gone really well so far and I’m looking forward to helping him get to the finish.  It’s starting to get real, as we turn the calendar to June.  A few more lonnnggg runs for Scott and he’ll be off and running for 100 miles!!

Is it too early to start weather stalking???

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