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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Donut Detox

I dub last week as “the week of the donut”.  Every day, donuts made their way into our office for a myriad of reasons:  Microsoft Teams demo/info sessions in the lobby, beginning of a system go-live week, the actual day of the system go-live, because it was a workday, because donuts are awesome.  Because, because, because.  It’s funny how quickly one can acclimate to something new (might be a surprise to some that donuts are not usually an everyday thing for me).  Acclimating to Florida heat and humidity has been a bit more of a process, but today showed great progress!

As I’ve written previously, I’ve been slowly working myself into becoming an early morning runner to beat the height of the heat and humidity.  This morning, I chose to forego the 4:30 am wake up call and opted for more sleep and some Saturday morning lounging.  Heading out around 9am, I figured it would be somewhat of a sufferfest, but the additional sleep and lounging was worth the later morning heat.

What happened next was a pleasant surprise and proof that I truly am acclimating to my new climate.  If you’ve been following along, you know I’m not a routine “running split sharer”, but today felt so good I had to share!  After 5 weeks of concerted effort to run consistently during the work week, to obey the early wake up calls, to adjust to the sensation of breathing through a straw, to tolerating the waterfalls of sweat, to trust the lead legs unaccustomed to the consistency, and even to pick myself up immediately after falling hard off the donut wagon….THIS>>>

My long run tomorrow should complete my donut detox.  Come Monday, let’s see if I can acclimate to a week with no donuts, shall we?

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