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Saturday, June 23, 2018

In the habit of changing a habit

They say just change one thing and that thing will help change a habit.  So, if one thing works, how about three?

Wakey wakey!
Since moving to the sunshine state, I've quickly realized that I must become a morning runner.  Unless I want to spend every running moment on the treadmill, this is becoming my norm.

And that’s just the weekdays before work.  When I go longer on the weekend, the wake up call is closer to 4:30 am to allow for some food, a drive to join other runners, and some wake up time.   It’s just too hot during the day to get a good, quality run in.  Then, add the humidity and afternoon thunderstorms.  The risk of not getting out increases by the minute.  I know that this is normal for many, but I’m not a morning person.  The struggle is real.

Extra bonus:  I get to see both sunsets AND sunrises!

Chicken Humid Soup for the Soul

And speaking of humidity, that shit is real here.  At 6 am this morning, my trusty weather app reported humidity at 95%.  Talk about soupy.

We’re well on our way to acclimating to it, though it takes awhile to cool down post run.  I gotta believe this will make me stronger when the temperature/humidity lowers.

Extra bonus:  my skin has never looked/felt better!

Running on empty 

Coke and peanut butter toast – the breakfast of champions!  This is my breakfast go-to and one that is fairly predictable when it comes to preparing for my run.  This hasn’t been as difficult to acclimate as I would’ve thought.  Maybe it’s because I’m only running 3-4 miles during the week or maybe it’s because I’m still half asleep while syncing up my Garmin.   I still crack open a Coke (that’s my coffee) so I do get a little jolt to jump start my still-asleep brain.

Extra bonus:  no digestive emergencies and a little more sleep!

Changing any habit can be difficult, but the rewards are mounting:  I feel better physically and mentally (maybe notsomuch at 4:30 am, but definitely after running), enjoy the morning running time with Scott, revel in the gorgeous sunrises, feel like I’ve got a leg up on the day by 6:45 am, and have the whole evening after work to chase the sunsets!  

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