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Saturday, January 28, 2012


Someone got seriously grounded today….

My little angel was mid-play with Scott this morning, happily retrieving her beloved Kong.  That Kong trumps all other things, except……for a passing dog walker.  And it’s that dog.  You know, the one who growls each time she sees Bella.  Super.

I get it that dogs need to work their “stuff” out, and that they probably do a lot better job than humans (I just can’t envision dogs holding grudges).  However, Bella made a bee line across the street to get to that dog.  There was no fight that I could see, though it all happened so fast, and Scott was out there in an instant to grab Bella.  My dog is definitely a lover, not a fighter, but she still had no business lurching at them.  And most definitely had no business in the street. 

We were lucky in that no cars were zooming by and grateful that Bella isn’t, by nature, an aggressive dog.  We’ve had other run-ins with that dog, though we’ve each learned to cross the street when we do approach, so we’re aware that there’s no love loss there.  I still felt terrible.  I know that when I’m running on a street, for example, the sight of a charging dog is not too comforting. 

Scott’s a good disciplinarian with Bella and, at 4 years old, she’s a very well behaved young lady.  Today was a good reminder to us that we can never trust our dogs, no matter how good they are all the rest of the time.  And it was a good reminder to Bella that being grounded stinks.  I think she’ll stick to her Kong for awhile.


  1. Aww, puppy time out. My Ruby can share her pain - she was caught stealing marshmallows and got sent to bed for half an hour.

  2. I can completely empathize with this post. Been there!!!