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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Remember your first?

I was catching up on some blog reading today and came upon a video of Michael’s first marathon - Disney '12.  Her husband ran it with her and took video along the way  Disney was my first marathon.  My husband ran it with me.  OK, I’ll admit it, the video made me cry.  Happy tears though, definitely happy tears.

Do you remember your first?  (well, not THAT).  Disney for me was this big mysterious race that I wasn’t sure how to complete.  I knew deep down that I would complete it (there’s the naiveté of 10 years ago speaking) but I had no strategy whatsoever.  What I did have was a Scott.  Scott was already well into his marathon career and knew what it felt like to hit and then surpass the 20 mile mark.  He knew what to do (and not do) when his body gave him certain signals or when the weather decided to zig even though he had trained for zag.

Watching Michael's video, I was so happy for her and for all runners who take the plunge into an unknown distance.  Her excitement, her nervousness, and the encouraging voice of her husband brought me back to my own 26.2 magical miles at Disney.  My husband talked me through the tough miles, reminded me to slow down when the excitement of a particular stretch (i.e. Main St, Magic Kingdom) got me charging, and encouraged me relentlessly through the whole experience – including the training. 

I had other support as well.  My mom had a Vermont teddy bear shipped to our hotel in Florida.  Not just any teddy bear.  This bear was dressed in running gear!  She was so excited for my marathon debut that she shipped herself down to watch in person.  Out of the thousands of runners and spectators there that day, Scott and I spotted my mom and Kenny in the crowd.  Biggest.Smile.Ever.  Our friends back home called us to wish me luck, their excitement for me coming through the phone line loud and clear.  How lucky to have had so many family and friends cheering me on.

As I train for my 10th marathon, Boston, I reflect on my first and for all those that have and will come after.  They’ve been such awesome accomplishments – whether I met a time goal or not – just knowing I can make the commitment, train my body and my mind, and execute on race day. 

When Scott arrived home from work today, I replayed Michael’s video for him and yes, I cried again.  That’s when he decided he wants to run Boston with me in April!  This will be my third Boston, but my first Boston that I get to run – and finish – side by side with my best friend in the world.   
First Marathon After-Glow


  1. I.Love.This.

    *although I am struggling to put get my head around there EVER being life before December 2003*


    And CONGRATS Michael! I'll never forget my "first", it still replays in my mind like it was yesterday..

  2. So many of your super runners getting ready for Boston - love it!!! My first marathon still feels more like a dream than reality (and only less than 4 months ago) - it is truly precious to me!!

    1. As it should be Kathy! Do you have a "next marathon" plan yet?

  3. Aw! What a great post! I can't wait to run my first and have those memories as well!