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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Not broken, just bent....

Remember those two epic training weeks I shouted about from the tallest buildings?  The feeling of being able to sustain higher mileage for two weeks gave me a big boost of confidence, until…..

Everything hurt.

  • First it was the stabbing shin pain.  Not while running.  While laying down.  Ruh-Roh...
  • Then came the Achilles screeches every time I walked.  Ouchie...
  • Bringing up the rear was my arch.  One word:  tender.  #@%^!

I’ve been running long enough to know that my sudden high mileage antics over two weeks was flirting with potential injury.  I’m happy to say that I am not injured.  I know this because I haven’t run in 4 days, have settled on a steady diet of ibuprofen, and have iced all the angry places.  And I’m definitely feeling progress.  If there’s one thing I do really well is to back off when something doesn’t feel right.  Not broken, just bent

It's always frustrating when something like this happens.  I felt fantastic in every way while running all of those miles.  But that was then, this is now...and frankly, this wasn't a surprise.  Fortunately, I’m in a low mileage week anyway (though I hadn’t planned on zero miles as of Thursday).  I have a marathon next weekend that I’m using as a training run for Pineland Farms 50K, but plan on sticking to my plan of running a slower training run.  After that marathon, I have a half marathon the following week and then a 6 hour trail race on the heels of that.  As long as I stick to my plan, I should be just fine.

No panic for this chick.  I will continue to ice and rest, easing back into running this weekend.  And I will slap myself silly the next time I contemplate such a steep spike in mileage like that again.  Please remind me?


  1. ughh!! I'm sorry I played a role in that! You are doing all the right things and being smart about it though so I'm sure you'll be back to normal in no time! see you (hopefully!) next week!!

    1. Nah, it's fine! I'm so glad we got to meet/run together and wouldn't have changed a thing (well, maybe I would've skipped the 18.5 miles that morning!). Just taking it super easy this week to try to get back on track.

  2. Oh no! Injury (or semi-injury) is the worst, especially when you know you asked for it. Good to hear you are taking care of yourself.

    1. Yep, worst!!! But yes, taking care of things....STAT!!!

  3. Ah yes-- very familiar with the mileage spike and the feelings of accomplishment followed by the punch-in-the-face injury. It's good you recognized this early and took care of it and are keeping a positive attitude. I think you can run high mileage safely, maybe just have a more gradual increase and focus on strengthening simultaneously?