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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Savoring the sights along the way

Sometimes we get so focused on our pace or mileage goals and miss some wonderful sights along the way.  The UP side of taking it a little slower right now and spending a little more time off road is a lot of peace, quiet, wildlife, and Bella shenanigans!
Morning swim amidst our run
Local pterodactyl?

Bella hunting beaver
Tired pup after running, hunting, and swimming
Today, I was reflecting on where I normally am on the Saturday before the Boston Marathon - at the Expo!  This is the first year in a really long time that we're not heading into the Expo for one or both of us. Don't feel too bad though, because I'm living vicariously through all of you in real, Facebook, and blog world - just without the crowds!

Even though I'm enjoying Boston Marathon weekend in a more quiet way this year, I'm so excited for all of you preparing for your big day.  Carbo loading, reminding yourselves that the taper didn't ruin you, and trying not to celebrate too soon the almost perfect running weather that is forecast for're going to rock your race and be a part of something special.  And I'll be ringing my virtual cowbell the whole time!  

Don't forget to look up from your Garmin, be generous with your high fives, and take it all in. Most of all...HAVE FUN!!

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  1. So happy you know yourself well enough to heed your body's wishes! That's my girl!