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Friday, July 4, 2014

Blog Re-Entry

Wow it sure has been awhile….so here’s a quick catch up!  Since my last post, I’ve been busy, but just haven’t written about what I’ve been doing.  Here’s a quick catch up by picture and hopefully a re-entry into blogging!

In April, I ran the inaugural Earth, Rock, Run marathon with Scott (last minute running partner switch, due to Carrie’s return travel from hell!) –

In May, I ran Wallis Sands Half Marathon with Carrie –

Also in May, I ran the GAC Mother’s Day 6 Hour trail race –

Again in May, we planted a very full vegetable garden –

Photo bomb Bella!
(Oooh, May was busy!)  We got our “roaring 20’s” groove on at Kara’s college graduation party (yes, that’s an ice luge in the background; drink of the night?  Grape Gatsby!) –

Memorial Day weekend, I ran my first 50K race at Pineland Farms with Carrie –

My first 50K and Carrie's first ultra distance!
In June, I ran the River Run Half Marathon with Sue –

Also in June, I had another birthday….and wedding anniversary (same day), celebrating both with a long weekend in Key West with Scott –

Left: Sunset at Mallory Square.  Right:  I call this "Red Barron"!
In June (for August), I signed up for another 50K –

Lastly in June, I started a new position in my same company (it’s not a bad thing, but it has been pretty intense!) –

Thankfully my lack of writing hasn't been due to anything bad or life altering….just life!  It’s all good and I hope to allow myself more time to write about it all. 

Happy Independence Day All!


  1. wow! you are a running machine!! Great job with all the long ass races. Happy late birthday/anniversary!!

    1. Thanks Michelle! Long ass races sure sums it up :)