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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mountain Shenanigans

Today was just another ordinary work day for me.  Packed my running stuff and my lunch, grabbed my laptop bag and was off for another day.  What was different about today was that Scott and Bella had already hit the road….

Destination:  Mount Moosilauke!

Scott had today off, so planned a good day hike/run with Bella.  It was another hot/steamy day here, but as expected, the summit produced its own socked in climate.

Visibility?  Notsomuch.  Entertainment at the summit?  Plenty.  This group was celebrating completion of 1800 miles of hiking the Appalachian Trail.  Each summit, they dressed up or did some other fun/wacky stunt to mark the moment.  They had approximately 400 miles to go to reach Mount Katahdin.  Whoa.

Scott and Bella pushed the pace heading up to the summit and later Bella took to swimming wherever there was water.  She is a Lab of course, but the heat and the pace must’ve caught up with her.  She is zonked!

I was disappointed that I had to go to work and couldn't join in on the fun, but it warmed my heart to know Scott and Bella were playing in the mountains.  Some people gravitate to the ocean; we gravitate to the mountains.

Off to schedule some time off from work….not missing the next one!!


  1. I am with you! Mountains and cool air in the summer beat the salty ocean water any day! Because I live so far from the ocean, however, it is a novelty to me so I do appreciate it when I am there :) Sorry you had to be a good employee and work while the rest of your pack was having fun.

    1. I know I'd miss the ocean if it was too far. It's pretty cool to be close to mountains AND ocean - I'll take'em both!

  2. Next time, chickie!

    Thank goodness when my hiking door slammed, it opened up my kayaking door. Yippee!!