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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weekend Mutterings

My reward for almost 7 hours of running between Saturday and Sunday’s back to back long runs -

I did do other things that weren’t running related.  Like…
  • Celebrated my nephew’s birthday.   He loves/adores/goes crazy over Godzilla.

  • I weeded.  A lot.  Seems I forgot some areas during spring cleaning and just now cleaned up some bunches of packed down leaves leftover from last Fall.  Oops.  No complaints though; weeding is therapeutic for me.

  • I finally broke down and bought my new kicks.  I had well over 500 miles on my old shoes and was starting to feel some knee pain.  OK, knees, I heard you loud and clear!

  • Performed the usual variety of household chores like laundry (though most of it was running wear!)

  • Cooked a nice dinner for Scott and me (not my forte, but I can manage spaghetti and meatballs)

  • Started to discover some string beans, cucumbers, and squash growing in our very full garden (we planted everything from seed, so more exciting than normal!)

Now it's time to put these tired feet up and enjoy the last of the weekend!   Hope you all had a great weekend J


  1. sounds like a great weekend! I had a busy one as well, but I'm glad to have some down time this week. I can't wait until we have beans!! We planted everything late so it will probably all be ready in august. I hate waiting. :)

    1. My favorite is the tomatoes. No garden last year = no tomato salads :( This year my goal is to turn red from eating so many of them!