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Friday, April 4, 2014

Now I know where I get it….

…my sense of humor and my strength. 

This week, I got that dreaded text from Mom telling me she fell at work.  Oh no…my heart stopped.   Fortunately, she’s OK and didn’t hit her head, but she did break her left shoulder and badly bruised her right knee.  The other fortunate thing is that she is an RN, so when she fell, she was in a hospital setting already.  I packed up my laptop, let me peeps know I was leaving, and headed to Mom’s.

One of the first things Mom did was jump on Facebook to post this picture and funny status –

Followed by an explanation “I was on my way to take my patient to the ER and I fell.  I got a room before she did!”

The next thing she did was curse the doctors for giving her a cane to assist her with walking (the knee was BAD).  She said, “That cane makes me look old!”.  So we decided she would mosaic tile it when she was done with it.  She lit up!  I advised her to keep the cane in pristine condition so the tile would stick.  Take that stupid cane!

One after another, we cracked jokes about the circumstance she was now in.  Not that it was in anyway funny that she hurt herself, but the fact is, the damage was done.  Isn’t it how we handle the hard/bad stuff that happens that tells the true story of our strength?  Pain and injury are tough to process and muddle through, but it happens.  Mom’s already walking better and has probably already started her “stupid cane” mosaic project by now…She certainly is not feeling sorry for herself.  Thanks for the “strength” and “sense of humor” genes Mom!

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