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Friday, October 24, 2014

One more sleep….

As I prepare final packing and cooking detail for Ghost Train, I have a very wise question Scott posed to me that's been floating around in my head:

What can I do to get through this obstacle?

It is a question that can’t be answered now.  Not now, when I’m chilling out watching TV or stalking social media.  Not now, when I’m fully rested and not running.  Not now, when I have never attempted to run 100 miles. 

That is the question I will ask myself when the going gets rough.  The weather is supposed to improve greatly, but it still could shower.  The temperatures sound comfortable, but it could get cold.  I feel confident in my training, but things will hurt.   The darkness will come and will stay for a long time, and it could produce a mental fight.  Any of these situations and others could creep into my race plan and well, force me to tweak my race plan.  But Scott has now equipped me with that very wise question:

What can I do to get through this obstacle?
  • If my stomach is cranky, I’ll throw food or TUMS at it. 
  • If my feet hurt, I may need to change my socks and/or shoes (don’t worry pacer friends, I will not ask you to massage them…I know my limits J)
  • If my mental state is suffering, I will ask for help (my pacers have been hording their stories/jokes/songs/whatever for this moment) or better yet, try to help someone else
  • If I get wet, I will remember that I have packed any necessary change of clothes
  • If I get so tired that it’s detrimental to finishing, I will remind myself that I actually can sit for 5 minutes and close my eyes.  It could be what saves my run.

Those are just a few things I can think of now (now, where I am completely sharp and not sleep deprived) that might help me this weekend.  I’m pleased with my training, I’m equipped with a fantastic crew, I’m relieved that I’m healthy, and I’m grateful to be able to do this.  

Now if I can truly get “one more sleep” and awaken refreshed for my run….


  1. GOD LUCK! You are going to rock it, Lisa! I know you are. Please have your crew take plenty of notes so we get a very detailed blog post (or 2!) once you accomplish this :) You've got this!

    1. GOOD Luck. I hate when I catch typos after the fact.

    2. Thanks Amy! Still working through the experience and how best to articulate the events of 29 hours and 6 minutes!!!