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Monday, October 13, 2014

Preparing to board.... Ghost Train 100 Miler!!

Wow, it’s been soooo long since I’ve written.  Where do I begin???  Like many, I’ve teetered on the edge of, “Maybe it’s time to toss the ole blog aside” and then teetered back to, “But I do enjoy writing”….Sometimes, I feel like I’m on social media overload and other times, notsomuch.  I guess it’s just the old balancing act at play.

I guess it makes sense to begin with Ghost Train…

So, Ghost Train has been pretty all encompassing.  In some ways, training for a 100 miler doesn’t feel much different than training for a 50 miler.  In other ways (mostly mentally), it feels like I might as well be training to summit Mt. Everest!  The miles are long and consist of back-to-back weekend runs.  I’ve been tired and I’ve been ravenous.  I’ve had some cranky moments where I questioned why I was working hard for this seemingly elusive goal.  But as I sit here today, just under 2 weeks until race day, I’m feeling pretty good about it all.

Physically, I feel strong.  I’ve wracked up seven 30+ milers and more 20+ milers than I can remember.   I’ve run a couple of 50K trail races to harnass my trail pace, strengthen my ankles, and sharpen my mental toughness that comes from being alone with yourself in the forest. 

Now, my focus shifts from legs and lungs to lists, lists, and more lists!  I’ve got a list of what I need to pack in my “start” bin, my “turnaround” bin, and what gets packed in my ultra vest.  Friends I haven’t met yet (via FB) who’ve run 100 milers before have reached out with great advice and have shared their own lists.  It’s all helpful and I’m so grateful to have so many people rooting for me and doing what they can to help me reach my goal.

With that said, my crew is also established and ready to rock.  I’ve got my wonderful husband who will likely have the finest “Crew Central” ever (he’s talking about a heater folks) and I’ve got 4 of my closest and craziest girlfriends willing to run with me and pace me – especially during the 11 hours of darkness.  What else can a girl ask for?

A 100 mile finish please, if that’s not too much to ask!

Lastly, like any good little runner, I’ve begun stalking the weather sites.  I’ll be ready for anything, but am putting extra weather prayers to work.  I realize this could change 62 more times before race day, but as of today, the weather gods are favoring Ghost Train by offering this beautiful forecast –

So, you’re all caught up!!!  I feel happy to be injury free (physically and mentally), prepared to have everyone and everything I need to get through 100 miles, and grateful to be healthy enough to even consider taking on this crazy/awesome/exciting/scary/insane/fantastic journey!

Ready to punch my ticket for the Ghost Train…CHOO CHOO!!!!


  1. You've got this!!! Sounds like you have done all the training and you have a great crew lined up - now it's just time to run and have fun.

    1. Thanks Kim! That's exactly how I feel....time to run and have fun :)

  2. Yay for all the friends and husband that will keep you going and going and going! YOu are going to rock it! Do you have a plan for running/walking break-up? Its a fairly flat course, right? So your typical walk uphill, run downhill may not work. I'd love to hear about your plan to run (other than to simply survive, of course) someday if you have time!

    1. Hey Amy! My training will go right into the actual run, which has included 15 minute run/10 minute walk. I know at some point, the running time will diminish and ratio will probably switch. There are few hills, so you are correct that the "walk all uphills" won't really apply here. That's why I must stick to the training ratio I've had success with so far.....

      I have such a great crew....SO lucky :)

  3. 100 miles is just a really long way. I know you can do it though! You have trained and you have the best support.

    1. Hi Michelle! Yes, 100 miles is definitely a helluva long way. However, I'm looking at 6 legs of 15 miles each. And even if that feels too big, I will only think 5 mile increments (got that good advice from a girlfriend who has run many 100's). Little bites of the big mountain!