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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Grocery Store Hilarity

Silly me, heading to the market on a Saturday – the day before the big playoff game.  I knew it would be crowded and crazy, but I needed regular food and some ingredients to make one of my few dinners I’m able to wow Scott with.  What I couldn't know is how much laughing I would do during today’s jaunt…

The Spousal Interchange:

Shopper Wife:  (in a smoke-5-packs-a-day guttural voice) We got enough peanut buttah, right?

Shopper Husband:   No answer - but the bubble over his head that represented his expression that read, “Whatevah”

You probably had to have been there, but seriously, it cracked me up!

The Young/Maybe-New Cashier:

Cashier:        What kind of onion is this?
Me:                A red onion
Cashier:        (after looking up on chart) Oh, right.

Yet, he knew how to code the English Cucumber? 

Common Sense Wanted (no, make that NEEDED):
As I loaded my car up with my groceries, I noticed one bag held only one individual box of Blistex.  That’s all.  I might have to report the bagger boy to the environmental police.  Oh but then I’d have to admit I don’t use the recycle shopping bags (oops).  As a sidenote:  I do recycle the plastic ones – no, I really do!!!

I mean, it was a “33% more” tube of Blistex afterall, but did it really need its own bag??

What craziness/hilarity have you come across today?


  1. oh thank you for that! so funny! the only thing that's been funny today, so far, was when my husband said to my son "it's mom's birthday!" and without looking away from the tv my kid grunts "oh yeah, uh huh, cool". he's 9. i'm feeling the love! ;)

    1. Happy birthday!! Hmm...TV vs. making a big deal out of Mom's birthday? Yeah, I guess TV would win :)

      Hope you had a great day!

  2. Hey hey! Thanks for the blog comment, I love new readers! :-) I am fairly convinced that we must grocery shop at the same place, the client base and the amazing IQ level of the cashiers tells me that we might even live in the same town?! Love your dog too- I have 2 yellows who provide me with much amusement and dog hair. Ohhhhh the dog hair!

    1. Thanks!! Aw, 2 yellows? Very cool. They're the best! My Bella's sister lives across the street, so they've literally been apart maybe 2 wks out of their just shy 5 years of life (between when I got her and my neighbor fell in love w/ Bella and had to have her sister). But yes, the dog hair is RIDICULOUS!

  3. The one blistex in the bag would have driven me WILD.
    I'm about to go grocery shopping soon, so, this post gives me all kinds of fun to look forward to!

  4. In Ontario, Canada most of our grocery stores charge for plastic bags. So the 1 item in a bag would probably never happen here. I wonder what his rational was? Too funny!