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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

All the views without the work!

Scott and Bella took off today to climb Mt. Chocorua.  They got a fantastic day to do so and a gorgeous view from the top –

In addition to his pure love of the mountains, Scott’s also been taking advantage of this more mountainous terrain to prepare to run Jay Peak 25K, Vermont 50, and StoneCat 50.  That’s some race line up!!  Anyhoo, his hike up Mt Moosilaukee two weeks ago and then today's scaling of Mt. Chocorua should leave him feeling stronger and even more trail confident.  

Never mind the bonding between man and beast.  Some of the areas were too steep for Bella, so Scott carried her over/up those precarious points.  She's the baby afterall...

Hiking happened, breath taking views happened, mixed up water bottles happened (hmmm, which bottle was it that Bella drank from???), and even swimming happened –

Summit of Mt Chocorua in the background; swimming post-hike at the base
One of these days, I will get myself into one of these pictures!  But for today, I got to enjoy the gorgeous views and some fun stories without the actual work!  Scott and Bella always return home in such a happily exhausted space.  And a happy hubby and dog means a happy Lisa!


  1. Scott has big plans and is working really hard! Impressive stuff! Bella is a strong girl too to be able to tackle this training!

    1. Thanks Sandy! It's great to know Bella chose the right family for her :)

  2. And a happy daughter and her family means a happy grandma!