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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Long Run Eve

I headed out this evening at sunset to plant a couple of Gatorades for tomorrow’s final long run.  Final.  Long.  Run.  Wow, time flies and yet I’m ready for this training season to come to a close.  I’m ready to race.

I jumped in my car, turned on my heated seats (so what if we’re experiencing an Indian summer) and my mellow tunes.  As I drove parts of my course to strategically plant my fluids for a warm day tomorrow, I felt so calm and so ready for this run.  I’ve been nervous and out-of-sorts lately, with the calf/Achilles/shin issues lingering, but worst of all, I misplaced my mojo this past week.  Each tentative foot strike conjured up visions of a strained this or a pulled that.  I think I was being too careful.  This morning’s 5 mile run finally cured me.  I felt strong and I willed myself to stop focusing on my muscles or tendons.  I simply went into auto-pilot mode, found my natural stride again, and really enjoyed my run.  Tomorrow’s 22 miler is a far cry from today’s 5 miler, however my head and my mojo have found each other again.  They’re a force to be reckoned with (when they get along).

Driving the pretty country roads, I took in the beauty of the sunset, the marsh area, the calm water, and the pretty homes.  Most of all, I enjoyed the feeling of anticipation of my run.  Not anticipation in a stressful or pressured way, but anticipation that comes from the pure joy of being healthy and able enough to plan and execute a 22 mile long run.
Phone cameras just don't do it justice!

22 miles….even when I say it, I’m still in awe of that kind of distance.  And I’ve done it many times.  I can only imagine what my non-running family, friends, and coworkers think when they hear me say it!  And I’m glad I’m still in awe.  It keeps me honest and it keeps me humble.  I hope to run for a long, long time.  I’ve got lots of running plans yet to unleash and lots of new roads to cover and sunsets to plant Gatorades by.  For now, I celebrate the closing of my 9th marathon training season and look forward to more celebrations at the Finish Line of Cape Cod Marathon.

Ready or not, here I come….


  1. 3rd attempt

    I had the same excited anticipation last night for my run this morning. I had 10 miles and I'm in awe that 10 now feels like a short run.

    I hope your long run goes well.
    Happy Running! Happy Racing! Good Luck!
    awe - wish you could have made it to MDI this year.

  2. 3rd in, trying to comment? Well, lucky me that it went through :)

    I hope you have great weather for your race and all your training comes together for an awesome race!

  3. Good luck on your long run tomorrow. I know I am in awe on 22 miles!!! When I finish my 13.1 tomorrow and I feel like I am going to die I will just be thinking of you running 9 more miles!

  4. Have a good run, Lisa! I'm sort of jealous that you're doing 22, though I know if it were me I'd feel a mix of awe and dread.

  5. Thanks friends....Ya know, it's all perspective. There's always someone running fewer miles and more miles. My friend Meaghan's running 26.2 @ Chicago today, so I'm sure I'll be relieved at 22 (knowing I don't have 4ish still left to go!!!)

  6. Have a great run today!!! I'm in awe of 22 miles. Every time I do a truly long run - I think about it terms of where I could get to from my house in that distance....always stunning!

  7. I loved this post. As a fairly new runner, I have been in awe of running long distances and get such a great sense of accomplishment after every long run. I thought after a while it would just become commonplace. It's nice to hear that it still gives you the same feeling after so many years.

  8. I think if I ever stop being in awe, it means I've lost respect for the distance....which means I should consider something else.

    Not happening anytime soon!!!