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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mind in Motion

Over the course of 22.25 miles, one sees, thinks, and experiences many things….

  • Got to run a couple miles with Scott, as he was heading to meet his Sunday running buddies
  • Got a puppy greeting from Piper, a small black lab mix, who escaped his front door and thought I needed a kiss
  • Got to say ‘hey’ to a friend I went to high school with who also still lives in town
  • Got to say ‘hey’ to another friend (the one who got me the invitational apps for Boston previously)
  • Got to see a flock of wild turkeys (from a distance – phew)
  • Got through my run with no creepy people
  • Got a nice “are you OK” from a passing motorist (not creepy, and I was a hot mess afterall)
  • Got to throw a ball to yet another dog who had been retrieving it in the marsh
  • Got a nice breeze during the sunnier and latter part of my run
  • Got to feel the strength in my legs again
  • Got to channel my inner Chicago for Meaghan
  • Got to revive my fading tan in this last minute Summer weather
  • Got to reap the rewards of my patience, my icing, and my prayers to the running gods
  • Got to have all of these thoughts to distract me from a warm, long training run!

I still have some work to do, but today’s long run was a huge boost to my recently mended mojo.  Felt good, felt strong, and am just about there in feeling ready for race day.  That’s what taper is for, to ignite the fire within, while my body heals and rests for the big day!

OK, back to….doing absolutely nothing.  Love these kinds of Sunday afternoons.  Hope everyone had great runs, races, or whatever made up your Sunday J


  1. Are wild turkeys mean? I have never seen any but based on your comment it sounds like you wouldn't want to run into one. I never knew! Congrats on the great long run and enjoy the taper!

  2. Hey Katie, yes wild turkeys can be very mean. I steer clear from them for sure.

    Thanks for the congrats...the countdown is on!

  3. Great job! Sorry it was toasty, but it doesn't seem to have slowed you down very much. ;^)

  4. So much can happen on our long runs since they take hours. Yours was a good one! It would be fun to meet you in person if you make it to Houston!

  5. It was a good one indeed Tina :) My husband informed me tonight that Houston is filled for 2012....I didn't know he was thinking so soon! But I'll definitely keep you posted whenever we do make our way to TX!

  6. So damn proud of you. Way to get it done!!

  7. Way to rock it Lisa!!! There is so much that goes through our minds!! We runners are wonderful multitaskers! Em and I were playing in the driveway yesterday when we felt someone looking at was a pack of 10 wild turkeys!!! We promptly went indoors and watched them from the window!

  8. Oooh yeah, those turkeys are nothing to mess with!! I figure too that the effort of trying to remember the great ideas I get while on a long run is also bound to help me not get all fuzzy as I get older!