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Friday, October 28, 2011

TGIF (or, what’s made me smile today)

  1. A sunshiney day
  2. A day off from work
  3. A slower pace (because of #2)
  4. Scott’s home early!
  5. Got a grateful wave and smile from an elderly woman, in response to my patiently waiting for her to cross the street
  6. Saw the sweetest sight of a dad and his little son walking out of the library.  Actually, the son was skipping – awwww.
  7. My taper related twinges are just that; taper related, and not anything to worry about
  8. Read the most perfect guest post from misszippy’s awesome blog.  Perfect way to get my race head calm and focused.
  9. Great mid-day hike (and swim for Bella) with my little family (thanks to #4)

10.  Secured perfect post-race goodies for Sunday  (yes, the wine is called Cupcake and the cookies are Cinnamon Roll with frosting.  Speechless.)

This is definitely motivation to finish 26.2!!!!!!

And don’t worry, I’ve tasted the cookies, to make sure they’re it’s not poisonous.  


  1. GASP! I didn't make the list?!?! ;)

    Sounds like a great day!!

  2. Wow - that is good motivation to run 26.2!

  3. I'm proud to say I haven't uncorked the wine. However, can't say as much for the cookies. Let's just say we may be making one last stop at the local market.....

  4. Love Cupcake Chardonnay! Good luck Sunday!!

  5. Good luck!! You seem very relaxed! Now you are making me want cupcakes!!

  6. Happy Friday indeed! What a lovely day and good luck!!!

  7. Good Luck!

    Strong Mind, Strong Heart!

  8. Cupcake wine...mmmmm....nice choice! Hope it went well this weekend!

  9. Thank you ALL!!! I've just returned from my marathon weekend to encouragement and excitement about my race, so thank you!

    I've started my race story telling :)