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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The hills are alive, with the sound of…..

…..chafing thighs!  As Lady Gaga sings, “I was born this way” and shorter legs with muscular thighs are what I was graced with.  I could have it so much worse!  I could have no legs, I could have injured legs….but I have strong legs and, in particular, strong thighs to motor me up the godforsaken hills that make up my running neighborhood.  To be honest, I actually don’t mind hills and rather embrace them most of the time.  I did avoid one hill this morning, but on a good note, it added an additional mile to my planned route.  So I’m feeling pretty full of myself right now.

I headed out this morning for a rolling 6.25 mile run.  It’s already very warm, so I got out as early as I could.  A combination of a bad night of insomnia and a cranky stomach was not a good precursor to this morning’s running plan.  But I grabbed my grape Gatorade, headed out…..

…and had an awesome run!  I love when all the cards seem stacked against me and I pull off a decent run anyway.  It just goes to show how strong the mind/body connection can be.  Some of my splits –

1                 8:50
2                 8:38
3                 ?
4                 ?
5                 8:40
6                 8:35
7                 8:15

(there’s a .25 in there somewhere and a reminder to me that I really need to mark miles 3 and 4 for future reference)

And did I mention it’s warm today?  It was close to 80 degrees when I finished, so although not super fast, I feel great and very happy with this mid-week longer run.

Back to the chafing thighs….

One of my tried and true running necessities is Body Glide.  Nothing like it.  I get it pretty cheap on and my running has left fewer battle scars ever since my recent loyalty to this product.  I heart Body Glide – swoon.  And no, this isn’t a feeble attempt at getting free Body Glide (though I’ll take it if offered!).

So, in looking at my thighs from a glass-half-full perspective, thanks thighs!  Keep up the good work, cuz I’m not moving to flats-ville anytime soon.  Bring on the hills and the Body Glide.  Match made in heaven.

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