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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Real or Fake?

Christmas tree assembled – check.
Windows open for unseasonal warmish weather – check.
Checking off To-Do’s while listening to hundreds of songs shuffling thru my iPod – priceless.

Scott headed off to a cross country race this morning with Martyn at a local country club, while Bella and I stayed behind to spend some quality time together.  Translation?  Bella laying at the front door watching the world go by and me doing a bunch of random things.  Match made in heaven.

I like to take advantage of the long weekend to assemble the Christmas tree and get organized for the Christmas holiday season.  A few years ago, we made the big switch to the fake tree.  It’s working for us.  And we still lose a handful of “pine needles” during assembly, so it almost seems like a real tree!  Now, where did I put that “Evergreen” Yankee candle from last year……

No run today.  Still having some shin splint issues, so I’m opting for an every-other-day schedule for the time being.  I changed my mind at least six times this morning, but it felt right to stick with my plan.  Besides, I’ve gotten lots of cross-training in over this long weekend in the form of leaf raking and painting.  I feel OK about it.

Almost done renovating our new spare bedroom!  Today also finds me priming the closet door.  It’s a perfect day for it, since I have doors and windows wide open for ventilation.  It’s warmer than usual and there are no bugs =

Bella should be careful;  she doesn’t realize she’s involved in one of the things on my to-do list:  Give Bella a bath.  I won’t get many more opportunities to literally hose her down in the backyard without it being 10 degrees out!  Now, where did Bella’s shampoo go?  Maybe it’s with that Evergreen scented Yankee candle I still haven’t found…
I wish this was Bella in our bathroom!  She hates anything with the word "bath" in it
Now wasn’t that fun getting a little sneak-peek into my exciting Sunday To-Do list?  Back to my list before Scott returns home and I check off my final To-Do for today:  Become a couch potato while watching the Patriots game!

Real or fake?
(and c’mon, you know I’m referring to Christmas trees!)


  1. Gotta be real (regardless!).

    My dog is the same way..allergic to baths. It would be so much easier if he liked them the way "normal" dogs do!

  2. Real for sure. I don't care for Christmas already and a fake tree (for me) is even worse. We get it like 2 weeks before xmas and it is usually down the day after. I know. I'm a Grinch.

  3. Ummm real and real thank you very much!! I love the smell of a real tree!!

  4. I wish that was Cassie in the bathtub too! She loves swimming...but hates baths...maybe if I could find a way to through the tennis ball in the tub? HA!

  5. We do fake trees. We have a big one, a small one for each of the kids, and another small one. They are all half decorated at the moment. I grew up with real trees until we realized my oldest sister was incredibly allergic to them (as well as the rest of nature). It was sad to switch. And my husband always did fake trees so when we got married we just did fake trees. They are easier, you can keep them up longer, and real ones just dry out too fast here. I do miss a real tree sometimes though.

    Sounded like a nice Sunday to me!

  6. I grew up fake, but now I'm real. lol
    we mostly enjoy taking our dog out to the Christmas tree field and the search. As for the tree in the house, either is fine with me. I always enjoyed the smell of the tree, but now our area has gone to Leland cypress trees (fast growing & for disease reasons) which have no smell, boo.

    Let me just say, that is the PERFECT mantra for me to hear this week. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! (you will be with me at 18 on because I will be repeating that in my head....
    "It's supposed to hurt when you push"
    "It's supposed to hurt when you push"
    "It's supposed to hurt when you push"

    Bella is a lab, right? she's supposed to love water.... our Scarlett is a lab too and she doesn't care for the bath part either. She's an outside do, so she doesn't get a bath nearly as much as needed. She does love a quick jump in the ponds when we go run.

  7. It's gotta be real ;) Giggle.. Seriously though, I love the smell of a real tree! I'll bring over some pine tree scented spray for your tree!!!

  8. So funny that so many dogs are averse to baths, but would splash around a pond/lake forever!

    Also funny is that I always vowed never to have a fake tree, but then the fake trees started looking so...well, REAL :)

    Ginny, so happy my mantra might help you at mile 18 or beyond! I wish you a fantastic run @ your marathon and can't wait to hear all about it :)

  9. If I put up a tree, it's real! Still deciding on this year; no tree yet. I don't access to a truck & while I can fit a bike in my Civic, not sure I can "take the wheels off" a tree to make it fit! :0)

  10. Yeah taking the wheels off your tree does sound a bit daunting!